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Applications submitted in the last six months

20/01637/TREE 24/06/2020 Pending ConsiderationYew Trees Bull Ring Farm Road Harbury CV33 9HJ
20/01549/FUL 16/06/2020 Pending ConsiderationTy Ni Hall Lane Harbury CV33 9HG
20/01554/TREE 10/06/2020 Pending ConsiderationCherry Cottage 8 Ivy Lane Harbury Leamington Spa CV33 9HN
20/01450/TREE 08/06/2020 Pending Consideration8 Farm Street Harbury CV33 9LS
20/01451/TREE 08/06/2020 Pending ConsiderationThe Stonehouse 2 Mill Street Harbury CV33 9HR
20/01460/FUL 08/06/2020 Pending Consideration24 South Parade Harbury CV33 9JE
20/01209/TREE 11/05/2020 Tree Works ApprovedChesterton House Farm 8 Mill Street Harbury CV33 9HR
20/01149/FUL 30/04/2020 Application Withdrawn17 Pineham Avenue Harbury CV33 9JF
20/01125/LDP 27/04/2020 Application WithdrawnMill Lodge Mill Lane Harbury Leamington Spa CV33 9HP
20/01099/TREE 23/04/2020 Tree Works ApprovedThe Homestead Crown Street Harbury CV33 9HE