23/02462/COUNTY 14/09/2023 Pending ConsiderationBidford-on-Avon STW, Salford Road, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, B50 4EU
23/02073/LBP 03/08/2023 Listed Build - Prop Lawful Dev GrantedThe Old Vicarage 13 High Street Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4BQ
23/02000/FUL 27/07/2023 Pending Consideration24 Icknield Close Bidford-On-Avon Warwickshire B50 4BZ
23/01992/FUL 26/07/2023 Permission with conditions50 Westholme Road Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4AL
23/01945/TPO 21/07/2023 Tree Preservation Order - Approved Works23 Old School Mead Bidford-On-Avon Warwickshire B50 4AW
23/01894/LBC 17/07/2023 Pending ConsiderationMarlcliff Farm The Bank Marlcliff Bidford-On-Avon Warwickshire B50 4NT
23/01864/FUL 13/07/2023 Permission with conditions3 Queen Elizabeth Way Bidford-On-Avon Warwickshire B50 4GN
23/01872/VARY 13/07/2023 Pending ConsiderationLand North Of Marriage Hill Bidford-on-Avon
23/01777/HHPA 05/07/2023 Householder Prior Approval Not Required4 Jubilee Close Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4ED
23/01674/FUL 26/06/2023 Permission with conditionsBrookleys Honeybourne Road Bidford-On-Avon Warwickshire B50 4PD
23/01609/LBC 16/06/2023 Listed Building Consent ApprovedWisson Hill 16 Welford Road Barton Bidford-On-Avon Warwickshire B50 4NP
23/01486/LDP 05/06/2023 Proposed Lawful Development - PermittedCharnwood 3A Mill Lane Broom Alcester B50 4HR
23/01487/FUL 05/06/2023 Permission with conditionsCharnwood 3A Mill Lane Broom Alcester B50 4HR
23/01443/FUL 26/05/2023 Permission with conditions2 Cleeve Road Marlcliff Bidford-On-Avon Warwickshire B50 4NR
23/01300/FUL 10/05/2023 Permission with conditions23 Cleeve Road Marlcliff Bidford-On-Avon Warwickshire B50 4NX