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E-Planning System
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Details about previous planning applications are currently provided from 1974 onwards. This service is not a substitute for a local land charges or NLIS search. The online planning history is incomplete and should not be relied upon e.g. in connection with a property transaction. In addition, the Council reserves the right to remove or not display certain information (e.g. contact details, signatures, financial and sensitive information) for confidentiality and other reasons. Use of the system is at the user’s own risk.

  1. General
    1. What is E-Planning? E-Planning is an online system that allows the general public to view details of Planning applications being considered by the Council as well as some Planning history. You can also monitor the progress of an application, submit comments about the application, search a constantly updated list of applications received and decided each week, view details of some historic applications, and view property details by reference to a map.
    2. How can I search for a planning application? E-Planning offers three different ways of searching for planning applications:
      • Application Search: search by application number or any information related to the the application in Advanced Search. You can also view the weekly list or special interest list. If you only know part of the reference number, just type in the first few characters to give wider search results.
      • Property Search: search for a property by address or post code before viewing associated planning applications with that property.
      • Map Search: search for location of a property on the map before viewing associated planning applications with that property. See below for help with using the map.
    3. What planning information is available on the web-site?
      • Information on the planning history of properties is available from 1974 to date.
      • Documents (plans, forms, comments, reports, etc) are normally available for applications from 2006 to date.
      • While we do our best to ensure that all information on the web-site is accurate and complete, this cannot be guaranteed. If the information is crucial to an important decision, it should be checked either through a Land Charges search or with the planning office.
      • Other, general planning information, on issues such as planning policies and procedures, is available elsewhere on this web-site.
    4. Contact details for further questions about E-Planning: Planning Services, Stratford-On-Avon District Council
      Elizabeth House, Church Street, Stratford-upon-Avon. CV37 6HX
      Telephone: 01789 260304 Facsimile: 01789 260306 Minicom: 01789 260747
      Website: Email:
  2. Map
    1. How can I view a property on the map? You can search for a property in Map Search and then identify location of that property from the results list or follow the “View Map” link within Application Details and Property Details pages.
    2. How can I zoom or pan the map? Click on the zoom (+ or -) buttons or the pan (arrow) buttons at the top left corner of the map. You can also drag the map with your mouse to pan.
    3. What does this icon map mean? This is a clickable planning application point on the map. You can click this icon to view the list of applications associated with this property.
      Please note that in some cases, there are more than one symbol for a property. In these cases, the planning history is split up. We are seeking to correct this.
      While we make every effort to try to ensure that these planning histories are complete and accurate, this cannot be guaranteed.
  3. Planning Documents
    1. Why do some documents not appear and I recieve an error message when clicking on the link from the menu? Some of our documents, especially the older ones that were created in a format that is not compatible with our new viewer currently. We are not able to make these viewable at this time.
    2. I want to see a document that is not available on the website. What do I do? Please contact our Planning Service (contact details above).
    3. Why does it sometimes take a long time to retrieve an associated document? In order to present the document in a widely-recognised format, our E-Planning system has to convert it into ‘pdf’ format for Adobe Acrobat Readers. This also allows you to take measurements from the plan if you have Acrobat version 8. The uploading and conversion process can take up to about 10 seconds, although it should normally take less.
    4. I have followed the instructions to measure a plan but have not been able to view the measurement toolbar in Acrobat Reader. You can only view this toolbar if the plan is measureable and you have Acrobat Reader version 8 (or higher). Even so, not all the plans are measureable. If you cannot view the measuring toolbar for a particular plan, then it cannot be measured.
  4. Planning Applications
    1. I submitted a comment on a planning application on the website but have not received the acknowledgement email. Please allow about 10 minutes for the email to arrive. If you do not receive the email after this time, please contact our Planning Services with the details above.


The documents held on this system are variously subject to third party intellectual property rights and the Council’s own intellectual property rights. These documents are to be used for reference purposes only. By accessing this system, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and will comply with these requirements.