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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
23/03233/FUL 01/12/2023 Pending Consideration Almeley Chase Kineton Road Gaydon Warwickshire CV35 0HB Replacement outbuildings with garage and office above
23/03143/AMD 22/11/2023 Pending Consideration 6 Manor Farm Court Kineton Road Gaydon Warwick CV35 0HB Non-Material amendment to permission 22/03577/FUL to Plot 1 dwelling. Amendments to windows on west elevation.
SCOPE/00039 17/11/2023 Pending Consideration Land At Banbury Road Gaydon The proposed development will comprise employment development within Use Classes 82, 88 and E(g)(iii), together with ancillary offices and associated roads, parking and landscaping.
23/02780/VARY 02/11/2023 Pending Consideration Land Adjacent The Gables Banbury Road Gaydon Variation of Condition 2 of planning permission 22/01915/FUL dated 14.10.2022 to change window detail and patio doors in the rear elevations; change the internal layouts to reduce the size of the garages to facilitate creation of utility rooms; and to replace a study room with a bedroom in each of the approved dwellings. Original description of development: "Construction of 2 no detached dwelling houses with associated works and amendment to existing vehicular access"
23/02886/FUL 01/11/2023 Pending Consideration 6 Manor Farm Court Kineton Road Gaydon Warwickshire CV35 0HB Construction of carport in connection with bungalow approved under 21/0333/FUL Resubmission of application 23/01673/FUL
23/02702/TEL56 06/10/2023 Telecommunications Approved Land Adjacent To M40 Kingston Grange, Lighthorne Heath, Gaydon, CV35 0HE The replacement of the existing 15.0m monopole with a 17.5m monopole, supporting 3 no antennas, 1 no 300mm dish, 1 no 600mm dish and the existing 1 no 300mm dish to be relocated, together with ancillary development thereto.
23/02662/FUL 03/10/2023 Permission with conditions Old Cottage Church Road Gaydon Warwickshire CV35 0ET Proposed two storey extension linking dwelling to outbuilding and replacement porch
23/02634/FUL 02/10/2023 Pending Consideration British Motor Museum Banbury Road Gaydon Warwickshire CV35 0BJ Application for the stationing of visitor tents, caravans and motorhomes for events and shows held by the British Motor Museum, for no more than 28 days within a calendar year.
23/02583/VARY 26/09/2023 Pending Consideration Land South Of Kineton Road Gaydon Variation of condition 2 of planning permission 16/03808/FUL dated 13th February 2013 for the addition of roof lights, windows, an office together with alterations to the external materials. Original description of development: Erection of barn (for storage of machinery and crops) and new agricultural vehicular accesses
23/02268/AMD 19/09/2023 Refusal of Non Material Amendment Land Adjacent The Gables Banbury Road Gaydon Non-material amendment to planning permission ref. 22/01915/FUL - amendment to the internal layouts and changes to windows and doors
23/01994/FUL 26/07/2023 Permission with conditions Jaguar Land Rover Banbury Road Gaydon Warwick CV35 0BJ Erection of surface-mounted ancillary storage building of non-permanent construction on existing hardstanding on land off Banbury Road, Gaydon
23/01161/FUL 30/06/2023 Permission with conditions Cottage Farm Banbury Road Gaydon Warwick CV35 0HG Full application for single and two storey office accommodation (class E) to replace existing temporary structures together with extension of car park. related facilities and involving new access ( previousley approved under 16/0250/FUL ). Change of use of land from agriculture and landscape buffer zone. Proposed retention of existing temporary offices and washroom facilities for further three years to facilitate implementation of new office accommodation.
23/01054/OUT 22/06/2023 Pending Consideration Land To The South Of Junction 12 Of The M40 And Adjacent To Banbury Road Gaydon Hybrid Planning Application comprising: a) FULL application for the construction of commercial development comprising a site access from the B4100 together with a maintenance access off Pimple Lane, internal access roads and footpaths/cycleways; associated strategic landscape treatment (including new earth bunding); the creation of earthwork building platforms and construction of three commercial buildings (Units 4 (a-e), 5 and 6 (Flexible Use Class B2 (General Industrial), B8 (storage or distribution ) & E(g)(ii- research and development & E(g)(iii) -industrial processes) including ancillary office accommodation, gatehouses, associated parking provision, retaining structures, landscaping and drainage infrastructure and all other associated ancillary works within Zone A (as shown on the Phasing Plan); and b) OUTLINE application (all other matters reserved relating to internal site access, landscaping, appearance, layout and scale) for the construction of commercial buildings (Flexible Use Class B2 (general industrial), B8 (storage or distribution)  E(g)(ii) - research and development & E(g)(iii) industrial processes) and all associated ancillary works including earthwork building platforms within Zones B1 and B2 (as shown on the Phasing Plan)
23/00519/VARY 14/03/2023 Pending Consideration Jaguar Land Rover Gaydon Test Centre Banbury Road Gaydon Warwick CV35 0RR Variation of conditions 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, 20 and 21 of planning permission 22/00703/FUL (Erection of new Battery Test Facility building (Use Class B2) with basement, ground and mezzanine floors, associated service yards/compounds with waste and quarantine containers, mechanical plant and electrical substation, feeder road for access and all other associated development. - date of decision: 23/09/2022) to seek approval for changes to the approved plans (condition 2), changes to levels strategy (condition 4) to reference new site plan, changes to external finishes (condition 5) to reflect new site plan, changes to the external materials (condition 6), changes to the external plant to reference the new site plan (condition 9), changes to surface water drainage details (condition 13) to reflect new site plan, changes to foul water details (condition 14) to reference the new site plan, changes to the parking space layout (condition 16), changes to the waste recycling arrangements to reference the new site plan (condition 18) changes to the extract air management system to reference new elevation and section drawings (condition 19), changes to the waste and quarantine containers to reference the new site plan (condition 20) and changes to the external plant enclosure to reference the new site plan (Condition 21)
23/00755/FUL 08/03/2023 Permission with conditions 14 St Giles Road Gaydon Warwick CV35 0EW Ground Floor Extension to rear and two storey extension to side of property
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