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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
21/03267/TREE 12/01/2022 Pending Consideration 16 Jeffs Close Upper Tysoe Warwick CV35 0TQ -T1 Laburnum - Reduce from 7.6metres in line with the hedge height, as per annotated photographs.
22/00050/FUL 07/01/2022 Pending Consideration 13 Middleton Close Middle Tysoe Tysoe CV35 0SS Modification to existing single storey side and front extension to include a car port with pitched roof. Replacement windows to main house
21/03807/LDE 14/12/2021 Pending Consideration Oaklands Stables Shipston Road Upper Tysoe CV35 0TR Confirmation that the dwellinghouse has been occupied in breach of planning condition 03 (rural workers condition) of planning permission 01/03142/FUL for a continuous period of 10 years or more. Original Description of development New Dwelling
21/03738/FUL 10/12/2021 Pending Consideration Old Lodge Farm Sugarswell Lane Edgehill Banbury OX15 6HP Erection of a single storey extension to the west elevation, replacing the existing timber conservatory. Internal refurbishment, installation of air source heat pump and replace existing windows with triple glazed timber frames.
20/03658/FUL 02/12/2021 Pending Consideration Land Off Sandpits Road Tysoe Full Planning application for proposed removal of existing building and proposed development of 31 new residential dwellings, new vehicular and pedestrian access, public open space, landscaping and other associated works.
21/03684/FUL 02/12/2021 Pending Consideration Willow Cottage 3 Jeffs Close Upper Tysoe CV35 0TQ Proposed single storey extension to front of property
21/03379/TREE 03/11/2021 Tree Works Approved Dinsdale House Baldwins Lane Upper Tysoe Warwick CV35 0TX -T1 purple-leaf plum - Remove 2no. low overhanging branches. -T2, 3 and 4 pine - Remove dead limbs. -T5 pine - Remove 4no. branches to clear roof of the office shed. -T6 variegated maple - Remove naturalized branch. -T7 pine - Remove dead branches. -T8 pine - Remove branches overhanging property boundary. -T9 willow - Remove 4no. lower branches overhanging oil tank. -T10 variegated maple - Remove naturalized branch. -T11 hawthorn - Remove. -T12 apple - Remove 2no. branches overhanging property boundary, or fell. -T13 apple - Remove branches overhanging property boundary. -T14 and 15 hawthorn - Remove. -T16 apple - Remove. -T17 ash - Lift crown where overhanging hedge, by the removal of 3no. lowest secondary branches. Remove dead branches. -T18 apple - Remove branch to clear neighbour's property and remove mistletoe. -T19 apple - Remove dead branches and mistletoe. -T20 mulberry - Remove 2-3no. lowest branches to lift crown and reduce crown by approximately 1-2metres. -T21 ash - Remove. -T22 oak - Remove lowest branch, to enable a tree guard to be erected around the tree. -T23 pear - Remove dead branches and prune. -T24 cedar - Remove 2no. lowest branches over garden and 1no. dead branch. -T25 flowering cherry - Remove. -T26 maple - Remove lowest branch over paddock. -T27 Indian bean tree - Remove 3no. low branches over paddock for access.
21/03324/TREE 18/10/2021 Tree Works Approved Mill Farm Bungalow Back Lane Tysoe CV35 0SJ -T1 willow - fell. -T2 Lilac - crown reduction by 1.5metres. -T3 plum - crown reduction by 1.5metres and general renovation/tidy. -T4 apple - fell. -T5 ash - Proposal withdrawn. -T6 apple -fell. -T7 pear - crown reduction by 1metre and general renovation/tidy. -T8 pear - crown reduction by 2metres and general renovation/tidy.
21/03262/VARY 12/10/2021 Variation Permitted with Conditions Home Holdings Lane End Lower Tysoe CV35 0BZ Variation of condition one of planning permission 21/00946/VARY (date of decision: 26.05.2021) to permit a new internal driveway arrangement. Original description of development: erection of two dwellings with garages
21/03144/FUL 01/10/2021 Permission with conditions Old Tree Cottage Old Tree Lane Upper Tysoe CV35 0TF Single storey side extension and carport
21/02892/FUL 20/09/2021 Pending Consideration Tawny Cottage Main Street Tysoe Warwick CV35 0SW Proposed outbuilding to provide garaging for family car, garden machinery and chicken pen
21/01961/FUL 09/09/2021 Permission with conditions Sunrising Natural Burial Ground And Nature Reserve Radway Road Lower Tysoe CV35 0DG Erection of a small oak-framed building for funeral services (referred to as the 'longhouse'), a wooden cabin for meetings and a toilet block, including works to vehicular access
21/02631/FUL 27/08/2021 Permission with conditions Tysoe Manor Shipston Road Upper Tysoe CV35 0TR proposed garden wall and demolition of outbuildings and replacement with single storey extension and external alterations
21/02632/LBC 27/08/2021 Listed Building Consent Approved Tysoe Manor Shipston Road Upper Tysoe CV35 0TR Replace the single storey outbuildings and link with a new single storey extension and garden wall. Internal alterations to enlarge the Kitchen, adding a first floor staircase and modifications to form a new Master bathroom & shower room. Carry out alterations to three windows on the ground floor to create French doors, and one window on the first floor to create a French window.
21/02762/LDE 26/08/2021 Application Withdrawn Oaklands Stables Shipston Road Upper Tysoe CV35 0TR Confirmation that the dwellinghouse has been occupied in breach of planning condition 03 (rural workers condition) of planning permission 01/03142/FUL for a continuous period of 10 years or more. Original Description of development New Dwelling.
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