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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
24/00418/TPO 18/02/2024 Pending Consideration The Old Meeting House Armscote Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8DD -T1 lime - Reduce height and width by 1metre.
24/00321/FUL 09/02/2024 Pending Consideration Hamsterley 14 Averis Way Tredington Warwickshire CV36 4GL Single storey rear extension
24/00276/TREE 06/02/2024 Pending Consideration Home Close Tredington Shipston-on-Stour CV36 4NJ -T1 ornamental maple - Height 10 metres. Reduce the crown to a diameter of approximately 4 metres, with stem height of approximately 3 metres. -T2 mature alder - Dead. Fell.
24/00273/FUL 05/02/2024 Pending Consideration The Tythe Barn Village Road Darlingscott Tredington Warwickshire CV36 4PN Single storey extensions, external alterations including formation of new dormer window, and new stone wall and gate to south boundary
24/00213/LBC 26/01/2024 Pending Consideration Edens Cottage Tredington Shipston-on-Stour CV36 4NJ Replacement french windows to rear of property. 2 no. pairs of single glazed timber frame and casement to be replaced with double glazed units in new timber frames. 8 no. timber casements with leaded single glazing to be replaced with double glazed units in timber frames at the front and rear of property.
23/03226/FUL 15/01/2024 Pending Consideration Ash Tree House Ilmington Road Blackwell Tredington Warwickshire CV36 4PE Change of use of part of pony paddock into garden with natural swimming pond.
24/00074/TREE 11/01/2024 Pending Decision Camperdown House Darlingscott Road Darlingscott Tredington Warwickshire CV36 4PN -T1 horse chestnut - reduce crown by up to 3 metres in height and lateral spread towards the building and up to 3.5 metres where the canopy extends eastwards over the adjacent access. -T2 cedar, reduce most outer re-growth by approximately 1 metre to shape tree growth.
23/03365/TPO 08/01/2024 Tree Preservation Order - Approved Works Greystones Back Lane Tredington Warwickshire CV36 4NJ - T1 yew - Reduce back to clear property by 1 metre, removing 0.5-0.8m. Reduce top by 2.5-3 metres, reduce around sides 0.5-1 metres.
24/00020/FUL 03/01/2024 Permission with conditions Land Rear Of The Croft And Glebe Cottage North West Of Sandfield Lane Newbold-on-Stour Change of use of land to domestic, creation of vehicular access from Sandfield Lane and hardstanding area for parking and turning with all associated works
23/03380/COUQ 12/12/2023 Change of Use PA grant Class J, K and M OS Field No 260 Darlingscott Prior Approval application for the change of use of an agricultural building into a larger residential dwelling (C3) and associated operational development under Class Q parts (a) and (b) of the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO).
23/03216/FUL 30/11/2023 Permission with conditions Willow Corner Ilmington Road Armscote Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8DE Erection of a front porch, loft gable window and increase chimney height.
23/03184/FUL 29/11/2023 Permission with conditions The May House Church Lane Newbold-On-Stour CV37 8TW Proposed side first floor extension and alteration to existing garage to form additional living accommodation.
23/03153/FUL 24/11/2023 Permission with conditions Newbold House Church Lane Newbold-On-Stour Tredington Warwickshire CV37 8TW Construction of a garage
23/03084/FUL 24/11/2023 Permission with conditions W I Hall Armscote Road Tredington Warwickshire CV36 4NP Proposal to allow to existing disabled ramp to be deconstructed and rebuilt at a less steep angle to allow of reasier mobility and accessibility. Front entrance is also proposed to be deconstructed and angle of staircase changed to allow for easier and safer access.
23/03125/TREE 20/11/2023 Tree Works Approved 3 Shakesfield Close Tredington Shipston-on-Stour CV36 4ND -T1 willow - Reduce 2no. stems on garden side, by approximately 3metres, to relieve end-weight and balance crown. -T2 damson - Crown lift to 3 metres all round.
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