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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
23/00838/TPO 21/03/2023 Pending Consideration Land Fronting Green Lane Studley -All trees adjacent to the unclassified highway boundary along Green Lane, to be crown raised to 5.2metres. Works are to stop tree branches damaging high sided vehicles and prevent harm to the public.
23/00661/FUL 15/03/2023 Pending Consideration 21 Crooks Lane Studley Warwickshire B80 7QX Rear two storey extension and loft conversion
23/00680/REM 15/03/2023 Pending Consideration 92 Alcester Road Studley B80 7NP Submission of reserved matters (appearance and landscaping) pursuant to outline planning permission 20/00255/OUT for four dwellings
23/00700/FUL 07/03/2023 Pending Consideration 113 Crooks Lane Studley B80 7QY Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 10no. bungalows including associated access and landscaping
23/00493/S106A 21/02/2023 Pending Consideration Studley Castle Studley B80 7AJ Application for postponement of the completion of the Gate Lodges at Studley Castle until 14 July 2023 in accordance with Clause 5.1.2 of Section 106 Agreement dated 24 April 2018 and Clause 3.1 of the Deed of Variation dated 4 October 2021 relating to 15/02704/FUL, 15/02705/LBC, 17/02369/VARY, 17/02569/LBC and 20/02255/S106A
23/00437/FUL 14/02/2023 Pending Consideration Holt Farm Alcester Road Studley Warwickshire B80 7PD Erection of new dwelling with associated works including demolition (in lieu of 22/02243/FUL dated 2nd November 2022).
23/00416/LDE 13/02/2023 Pending Consideration 59 Green Lane Studley B80 7HD Use of mobile accommodation permitted under application S95/0028 as a C3 dwellinghouse for a period exceeding ten years
23/00333/FUL 13/02/2023 Permission with conditions 26 Watts Road Studley Warwickshire B80 7PU First floor side extension over garage
23/00397/TEL28 10/02/2023 Comments sent STREET RECORD Redditch Road Studley Install 2 x 9m wooden pole (7.2m above ground)
23/00358/FUL 08/02/2023 Pending Consideration 38 Holt Gardens Studley Warwickshire B80 7NU Erection of single storey rear extension, porch, conversion of garage to habitable purposes and new detached garage
23/00074/FUL 17/01/2023 Pending Consideration Austrey House 19 Station Road Studley Warwickshire B80 7HR Removal and reinstatement of roof, due to structure being in poor condition. Ridge to be raised to give additional height to rooms in loft.
23/00021/LBP 23/12/2022 Listed Build - Prop Lawful Dev Granted 97 Alcester Road Studley B80 7NN Remove all roof tiles, replace any laths as necessary, install new breathable membrane, re-lay existing tiles with replacement of individual tiles to match existing as required due to condition (under 10% of total number), replacement mortar fillets to verge using lime based mortar without cement
22/02951/FUL 22/12/2022 Pending Consideration 19 Knottesford Close Studley Warwickshire B80 7RL Conversion and extension of garage to form ensuite bedroom, with further bedroom above. Extension to hall. Rear kitchen extension.
22/03657/LDP 19/12/2022 Proposed Lawful Development - Permitted 21 Crooks Lane Studley Warwickshire B80 7QX Loft conversion and ground floor single storey side extension
22/03665/LDP 13/12/2022 Proposed Lawful Development - Permitted Holt Farm Alcester Road Studley B80 7PD Erection of garage
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