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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
24/00119/FUL 30/01/2024 Pending Consideration Stockton Primary School School Street Stockton Warwickshire CV47 8JE Refurbishment of existing porch. Remove the existing UPVC porch frames and glass roof and replace with new UPVC frames and a solid timber / slate effect roof on the same footprint as the existing
24/00072/FUL 10/01/2024 Pending Consideration Land Adjacent To Stockton Hall Farm Rugby Road Stockton Change of use of agricultural land to commercial storage land (use class B8) and use for light industrial purposes (use class E(g)(iii)); engineering works to alter ground levels across the site, including the creation of bunds; retention of storage container and static caravan for commercial purposes associated with the storage and industrial uses on the site.
23/03234/LDP 01/01/2024 Pending Consideration 61 Nelsons Way Stockton Warwickshire CV47 8PL Due to issues with a fake chimney allowing water ingress into the roof space, permission is being requested to remove the fake GRP chimney altogether. The roof / gable end would then be reworked with tiles / bricks to match/fit with the existing design of the property.
23/03015/FUL 15/11/2023 Permission with conditions 6 High Street Stockton Warwickshire CV47 8JZ Proposed canopy
23/02911/FUL 26/10/2023 Planning Permission Refused The Crown Inn 8 High Street Stockton Warwickshire CV47 8JZ New glass retractable canopy to the existing external seating area. Alterations to the existing smokers shelter
23/02743/TPO 06/10/2023 Tree Preservation Order - Approved Works Stockton House Rugby Road Stockton Southam CV47 8LB -T1 (TAG 5602) Atlas cedar - Remove deadwood over footpath. -T2 (TAG 5877) ash -Remove deadwood over driveway and car park. -T5 (TAG 5879) lime - reduce the canopy to approximately 4 metres above the original pollard point. That is, to an overall maximum height of approximately 6 metres on completion of the works. -T6 (TAG 5879) lime - reduce the canopy to approximately 4 metres above the original pollard point. That is, to an overall maximum height of approximately 6 metres on completion of the works. -T7 (TAG 5880) lime - Reduce dead stem back to sound wood. -T9 (TAG 5881) sycamore - Fell. -T10 (TAG 5882) sycamore - Fell. -T12 (TAG 5884) horse chestnut - Remove deadwood over seating area. -T15 (TAG 5885) ash - Fell.
23/02541/TPO 22/09/2023 Tree Preservation Order - Approved Works Redwood Place 2 Rectory Close Stockton Warwickshire CV47 8LE T1 yew - overhanging single storey building and drive 4no. lowest limbs to be removed.
23/02107/TEL28 08/08/2023 Comments Sent CTIL 201317 25 Green Farm Napton Road Stockton The proposed upgrade comprises of the removal and replacement of 3no. existing antennas with 3no. new antennas, the installation of 1no. 300mm dish and 1no. 600mm dish, internal cabinet works and ancillary equipment/works thereto
23/01989/FUL 26/07/2023 Permission with conditions 55 Elm Row Stockton Warwickshire CV47 8JY 1.5 storey rear extension to replace the existing single-storey flat-roof rear extension (re-submission of 22/02472/FUL with minor amendments)
23/01838/FUL 11/07/2023 Permission with conditions Hilltop Napton Road Stockton Warwickshire CV47 8LA Garage conversion into annex
23/01369/AMD 18/05/2023 Approval of Non Material Amendment Windmill Farmhouse Rugby Road Stockton Southam CV47 8HS Amendment to planning permission 22/03458/FUL (date of decision 12/01/2023). Revisions to proposed car port/garage building. Replace dwg 22036 030 Rev A with PMHB/001 and PMHB/002
23/01163/FUL 26/04/2023 Permission with conditions The Boathouse Hold, Flat 1 Station Road Stockton Warwickshire CV47 8HA A change of use of part of a Class C3 Dwellinghouse. The Boathouse to Class E(g)(i) (Offices to carry out any operational or administrative functions) to what is known as Flat 1 The Boathouse Hold
23/00366/FUL 14/03/2023 Permission with conditions Windmill Farmhouse Rugby Road Stockton Warwickshire CV47 8HS Erection of hay and machinery barn (agricultural use), stable block and manege (private equestrian use), associated land level changes/earthworks, hardstanding and all associated works
23/00663/AGNOT 03/03/2023 Prior approval is not required Top New Zealand Farm Napton Road Stockton Southam CV47 8HU New grain store.
23/00609/S106 27/02/2023 S106 Approval of Local Market Restric 17 Jubilee Fields Stockton Southam CV47 8PF Approval of transfer of 17 Jubilee Fields, Stockton to Katy Harmer in accordance with Part 2, Schedule 2 and Part 4, Schedule 2 of Section 106 Agreement dated 28 August 2013 relating to 13/00870/FUL
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