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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
24/00414/S106 19/02/2024 Pending Consideration Land Off Evesham Road Salford Priors WR11 8UR Approval of Marketing Strategy in accordance with Schedule 1 of S106 Agreement dated 15 November 2023 relating to 22/02022/OUT
24/00382/TREE 16/02/2024 Pending Consideration Slatters Mill Station Road Salford Priors Warwickshire WR11 8UX -T1 weeping willow - Fell. (tree has a heavy lean over driveway)
24/00358/TREE 13/02/2024 Pending Consideration Salford Hall Hotel Evesham Road Abbotts Salford Salford Priors Warwickshire WR11 8UT -T1silver birch - Reduce by 2-3 metres, shape and thin. -T4 ivy clad ash - Cut back overhang to boundary, as per submitted, anotated photos.
23/03195/FUL 08/02/2024 Pending Consideration Land Adjacent Old Dunnington Barns Dunnington Alcester B49 5NU Agricultural building and associated hardstanding
24/00278/FUL 05/02/2024 Pending Consideration Wayside The Common Dunnington Alcester B49 5NZ Single storey rear link extension to existing barn
23/02995/DEM11 07/11/2023 Planning Permission Required Alamo Group Europe Ltd Station Road Salford Priors Warwickshire WR11 8SW Demolition of redundant office building
23/02738/FUL 31/10/2023 Permission with conditions The Lodge Chapel Oak Salford Priors Warwickshire WR11 8SR Ground floor extension to existing dwelling house.
23/02897/TREE 26/10/2023 Tree Works Approved Eyston Cottage Abbots Salford Evesham WR11 8UT -T1 Conifer hedge- Reduction of up to 1 metre, back to previous points
23/02817/LDP 18/10/2023 Proposed Lawful Development - Permitted 1 Arrow Close Salford Priors Warwickshire WR11 8AG Loft conversion with rear dormer
23/02572/TREE 26/09/2023 Tree Works Approved Acacia Lodge Garrard Close Salford Priors Warwickshire WR11 8XG -T1 Acacia - Re-pollard, reduce growth from 10metres to 5metres, pruning to just above the pollard points to ensure regrowth, or pruning below the pollard points where heavily decayed.
23/02286/LBC 21/09/2023 Listed Building Consent not required St Matthews Church Station Road Salford Priors Removal of existing temporary coverings and lead sheet, proposed installation of new terne coated stainless steel roof to the south aisle
23/02332/FUL 21/09/2023 Permission with conditions St Matthews Church Station Road Salford Priors Removal of existing temporary coverings and leadsheet from the south aisle roof together with wood cored lead rolls, and lead flashings. Laying of new terne coated stainless steel roof to south aisle alongside any other associated works.
23/02424/TREE 12/09/2023 Tree Works Approved 1 New Cottages Evesham Road Salford Priors Warwickshire WR11 8UU -T1 - cherry - Fell -T2 - Ash - re-shape from approximately 9 metres height by 6 metres wide to 6 metres height and 4 metres wide.
23/02126/VARY 29/08/2023 Pending Consideration Dunnington Lodge Broom Lane Dunnington Warwickshire B49 5NU Variation of condition no.5 of planning permission reference 21/00837/FUL dated 9 August 2022 to allow for revised visibility splay requirements to the development. Original description of development: Application to vary 20/00422/COUQ (part implemented), to include new access drive and change of use of part of site.
23/01795/FUL 11/08/2023 Permission with conditions Limebridge Farm Iron Cross Salford Priors WR11 8SH Replacement of existing 1950s chicken house with steel portal framed building for agricultural storage at Limebridge Farm.
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