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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
23/00876/TREE 27/03/2023 Pending Consideration The Old Forge Station Road Salford Priors Evesham WR11 8UX T1 - sycamore - fell
23/00505/FUL 27/02/2023 Pending Consideration Little Ragley Dunnington Road Dunnington Salford Priors Warwickshire B49 5NX Proposed replacement family room with extension
23/00543/FUL 23/02/2023 Pending Consideration 34 Flat Above Post Office School Road Salford Priors Warwickshire WR11 8XD Providing new access to first floor flat which comprises of blocking side window and providing new door access with external steel staircase
22/03672/TREE 31/12/2022 Tree Works Approved Periwinkle Cottages Jack Thomson Croft Salford Priors WR11 8XL -T2 and T3 oak - Remove small branches and crown thin by approximately 5% to clear street light. -T4 silver birch - Reduce to previous pruning points.
22/03708/FUL 19/12/2022 Permission with conditions 52 Dunnington Road Dunnington Salford Priors Warwickshire B49 5NY Construction of a first floor rear extension and internal alterations
22/03588/FUL 08/12/2022 Application Withdrawn Brook Farm Evesham Road Abbotts Salford Salford Priors Warwickshire WR11 8UT Barn conversion to detached dwelling property.
22/03559/TPO 06/12/2022 Tree Preservation Order - Approved Works Hill View Abbots Salford Evesham WR11 8UT -G1, yew x2no. - growing in close proximity, forming a single canopy that has been heavily reduced at various times in the past. Smaller tree situated close to boundary and overhanging neighbouring property - reduce canopies by 0.5-1.0metres and crown thin by 10% (alternative specification agreed with the agent/applicant).
22/02309/FUL 02/11/2022 Planning Permission Refused Vine Cottage 28 Dunnington Alcester B49 5NT Proposed replacement of existing 'vine cottage' two storey dwelling with outbuildings with a new detached dwelling.
22/03105/FUL 18/10/2022 Permission with conditions Beech Cottage Dunnington Road Dunnington Salford Priors Warwickshire B49 5NX Rear extension replacing existing extension and rear dormer window
22/02899/FUL 03/10/2022 Permission with conditions 8 Rushford Cottages Salford Road Rushford Salford Priors Warwickshire WR11 8SL Proposed single storey extension in lieu of previously approved two storey side extension approved under 20/01683/FUL
22/02053/OUT 20/09/2022 Outline Planning Permission Permitted Four Acres Evesham Road Salford Priors Warwickshire WR11 8UU Outline application for the erection of a detached self-build dwelling including elongation of existing private drive and other associated works with all matters reserved except access and layout.
22/02735/TREE 13/09/2022 Tree Works Approved 2 Meadow View Evesham Road Salford Priors Evesham WR11 8UU -T1 silver birch - Fell.
22/02145/FUL 15/08/2022 Application Withdrawn Brook Farm Abbots Salford Evesham WR11 8UT Barn conversion to detached dwelling property.
22/02370/FUL Appeal 08/08/2022 Appeal Allowed Tea Cosy Cottage 25 Dunnington Alcester B49 5NW Erection of external raised platform (Retrospective).
22/02167/FUL 05/08/2022 Permission with conditions 70 Wood Bevington Road Wood Bevington Warwickshire B49 5LX Construction of a small, single storey extension to link existing outbuilding to dwelling and replace existing garage.
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