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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
21/04039/FUL 12/01/2022 Pending Consideration Marston Farm Shuckburgh Road Priors Marston CV47 7RY Proposed demolition of existing wing of dwelling and replacement with new wing constructed of materials to match existing.
21/03931/VARY 11/01/2022 Pending Consideration Marston Farm Shuckburgh Road Priors Marston Southam CV47 7RY Variation of condition number 2 (Approved drawings) of planning permission 20/02886/FUL (Proposed extension and alterations to existing garage to provide two additional bays and storage over). VARY would amend the design of the front (east facing) roof slope that would include insertion of 2 no. of dormer windows.
21/03940/FUL 14/12/2021 Pending Consideration Land Adjacent To Hollybush Cottage Holly Bush Lane Priors Marston CV47 7RW Erection of a new shed and log store connected to the existing garage. New garden wall to the rear garden.
21/03640/LBC 06/12/2021 Pending Consideration Rose Cottage Southam Road Priors Marston CV47 7RQ Internal alterations comprising new internal stud wall within hallway and blocking up of one internal window
21/03857/TREE 06/12/2021 Tree Works Approved Oakdene Holly Bush Lane Priors Marston CV47 7RW -A1, A2 apples: prune back new growth to appropriate number of buds, remove central branches to create open centre for better air circulation, remove crossing/rubbing branches and any dead, or diseased wood. -3no. plum trees P1, P2, P3: remove crossing/rubbing branches and any dead, or diseased wood.
21/03687/TREE 16/11/2021 Tree Works Approved Honisberie Southam Road Priors Marston Southam CV47 7RQ -T1 apple: fell. -T2 pear: fell. -T3 pear: fell.
21/03355/AGNOT 13/10/2021 Application Withdrawn Little Pinum Shuckburgh Road Priors Marston Southam CV47 7RY Agricultural building for storage of farm machines and hay and straw storage. To replace existing shipping containers
21/03121/FUL 29/09/2021 Pending Consideration The Meadows Southam Road Priors Marston Southam CV47 7SU Equestrian barn
21/02949/TREE 28/09/2021 Tree Works Approved Birchwood Holly Bush Lane Priors Marston Southam CV47 7RW -T1 weeping willow - Fell. -T2 and T3 silver birch - Reduce crowns by 3metres. -T4 Norway spruce (noted as pine on notification form) - reduce height back to previous reduction point and reduce crown spread by 1metre, pruning back to live growth. -T5 silver birch - Fell. -T6 purple-leaf plum (noted as red rowan on notification form) - Fell. -T7 cooking apple - Reduce crown by 3metres. -T8 and T9 beech - Reduction in height by 2-3metres, pruning back to just above previous reduction points if sound, or below if decayed. Reduction should be taken back to growth points. Reduce crown spread by 2-3metres and crown thin by 10-15%. -T10 and T11 silver birch - Crown reduction by 3metres. -T12 purple-leaf plum (noted as rowan on notification form) - Reduce crown by 1.5metres and crown thin by 25%.
21/02858/LBC 21/09/2021 Listed Building Consent Approved 7 Priors Court, Old Cedars Main Road Priors Marston CV47 7RH Remove breeze block wall (c.1994), glass-pane doors, built-in wardrobe, and steel/concrete supports. Install oak framing.
21/02463/TREE 11/08/2021 Tree Works Approved 3 School Lane Priors Marston CV47 7RR -T1 and T2 flowering cherry - Reduce height and spread by approximately 1metre. -T3 laurel hedges - Reduce height of side hedge by 1metre and reduce height of front hedge by 500mm.
21/02560/AMD 27/07/2021 Approval of Non Material Amendment Jacks Orchard Shuckburgh Road Priors Marston Non-material amendments to planning permission 20/02301/FUL (determined 17.06.2021) to omit chimney and change fenestration on north elevation
21/02044/TREE 30/06/2021 Application Withdrawn Hawthorns Keys Lane Priors Marston Southam CV47 7SA -T1 maple - Pollard. Reduce height from 11 metres to 9 metres and spread from 11 metres to 4.5 metres. (Retrospective; works already undertaken).
21/02063/FUL 23/06/2021 Permission with conditions Windy Hill School Lane Priors Marston CV47 7RR Construction of small machinery store for maintenance of grass paddock
21/01860/FUL 22/06/2021 Application Withdrawn Land Formerly Pony Paddock Welsh Road Southam Material change of use of equine paddock land to part 1: a small-scale, seasonal camping site for a maximum of 5 motorhomes and 10 tents, and the installation of a septic tank. Material change of use of equine paddock land to part 2: a dog exercise area/business. Including the following retrospective works: creation of an access; creation of a pond; erection of additional sheds and shelters; the provision of some hardstanding (for the motorhomes); and, enclosures to both parts of the site.
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