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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
22/02743/COUQ 09/09/2022 Change of Use PA grant Class J, K and M Bright Hill Holding Oxhill Bridle Road Pillerton Hersey Conversion of the existing agricultural barn to form a single four-bedroom dwelling
22/01903/FUL 27/07/2022 Permission with conditions Ferncott House Oxhill Bridle Road Pillerton Hersey Warwick CV35 0QB Part conversion of existing garage. Provision of dormer windows to front elevation, provision of roof lights to rear elevation and enclosure of car port to provide home office.
22/01100/FUL 08/04/2022 Permission with conditions Home Farm Warwick Road Pillerton Hersey Warwickshire CV35 0QJ Siting of 10 Storage Containers
22/00791/TREE 15/03/2022 Tree Works Approved 2 School Cottages Pillerton Hersey Warwick CV35 0QA -T1 and T2 spruce - Remove.
22/00698/FUL 07/03/2022 Permission with conditions Lower Fosse Farm Fosse Way Combrook Warwick CV35 9HS Erection of a single story side extension to the west elevation of the property.
22/00134/FUL 14/01/2022 Permission with conditions Holly Tree Cottage Oxhill Bridle Road Pillerton Hersey CV35 0QB Proposed single storey rear and side extensions to main house, porch extension, attached car port, and post and rail boundary fence and entrance gates.
21/03617/COUMA 08/11/2021 Change of Use PA grant Class J, K and M Leamington Hobby Centre At Leasowes Farm Oxhill Warwick CV35 0RL Change of Use Class E Commercial Business into C3 Dwelling House
21/03508/COUQ 30/10/2021 Prior Approval Refused Class J, K, M Springfield Farm Pillerton Hersey Prior approval application for the change of use of an agricultural building into a larger residential dwelling (C3) and associated operational development under Class Q parts (a) and (b) of the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO
21/03459/LBC 29/10/2021 Listed Building Consent Approved Mears Farm Oxhill Bridle Road Pillerton Hersey CV35 0QB Window Alterations :To remove the existing metal frames and single glass from the timber subframe (to be retained in situ) and fit replacement metal frame, prefinished in white, with a slim conservation double glazed unit. To replace the existing timber kitchen window with a new double glazed timber window of a design which matches the design of the existing house. To replace the patio door on south elevation with a new timber door with double glazed glass panels of a design which matches the design of the existing house
21/02589/FUL 29/10/2021 Planning Permission Refused Hogwood Farm Pillerton Hersey Road Oxhill CV35 0RL Proposed redevelopment of existing pig farm to create 10 new dwellings.
21/02772/TREE 31/08/2021 Tree Works Approved Appleyards Oxhill Bridle Road Pillerton Hersey CV35 0QB -T1 walnut - Shorten decaying limbs by between 10% and 20% (1-2metres) and rebalance crown. Remove deadwood. -T2 willow in hedgerow, adjacent to stables - address defects by reducing back defective limbs and balancing crown. Particularly addressing the asymmetric crown over the adjacent field. -T3 willow coppice - re-coppice. -G1, poplars and sycamores - prune back to previous reduction heights and shape tops. The sycamores to be reduced back to just above the regrowth points. Shorten back the topped-out main stems if necessary, due to decay. -2no. poplars adjacent brook - reduce crowns by no more than one third, pruning back to growth points. -G2, mixed species hedgerow - remove top growth and level off, maintain as hedgerow.
21/02595/TREE 18/08/2021 Tree Works Approved Nyumbani Warwick Road Pillerton Hersey CV35 0QJ -T1 Prunus cerasifera Nigra- Pollard from 9.5metres to 5metres, pruning back to previous reduction points.
21/02642/FUL 17/08/2021 Permission with conditions 3 Bunkers Hill Pillerton Hersey Warwick CV35 0QH Single storey rear extension, rear pitched roof dormer, new side facing window, replacement windows and doors and internal re-modelling.
21/01599/FUL 24/06/2021 Permission with conditions Lammas Barn Oxhill Bridle Road Pillerton Hersey Warwick CV35 0QB Erection of a greenhouse.
21/02033/AMD 18/06/2021 Approval of Non Material Amendment Land Adjacent To School Cottages Pillerton Hersey Amendment to planning permission 20/02883/VARY, creating new back door to garage. Garage to become a utility room (additional parking areas provided within curtilage). Current fully glased rear door to become a solid hardwood door. New narrow window (WF04) to rear of property on stairwell to provide additional natural light. Current windows to be solid oak casements, addition of single cruciform bar per casement. Substitute drawings 2173-11 Rev A,B,C and 2178-13 Rev A,B,C with 2173-11 Revision D and 2173-13 Revision D
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