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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
22/02830/OUT 09/11/2022 Pending Consideration Wixey Transport Kineton Road Oxhill Warwickshire CV35 0RH Erection of 1no. self-build dwelling including access (all other matters reserved)
22/03084/FUL 17/10/2022 Pending Consideration Gateways Main Street Oxhill Warwickshire CV35 0QR Replace existing double garage with room over with extension for ancillary accommodation.
22/03044/FUL 12/10/2022 Pending Consideration Little Windmill Whatcote Road Oxhill Warwickshire CV35 0RA Replace existing glass roof and wall frames with new UPVC frames and replica tiled roof.
22/02668/LDP 04/09/2022 Application Withdrawn Merrydown Green Lane Oxhill Warwick CV35 0RB Removal of two existing conservatories at the rear of the property, and replace them with a single-storey extension. This does not involve any alterations to access onto the site. The extension will cover the footprint of the existing conservatories and an adjacent space measuring 3m x 3m. This work will correct deficiencies in the conservatories and in surface water drainage arrangements that contribute to dampness and discomfort in the property.
22/02388/FUL 23/08/2022 Permission with conditions The Paddocks Green Lane Oxhill Warwick CV35 0RB Single storey flat roof side and rear extension, new render to dwelling and change of roof materials from concrete tiles to slate
22/02301/S106 27/07/2022 S106 Refusal of Completion Certificate Leys Field Whatcote Road Oxhill Approval of Public Open Space in accordance with Schedule 3, Part 1 of Section 106 Agreement dated 14 April 2015 relating to 14/02168/OUT and 17/02170/REM
22/01624/FUL 30/05/2022 Pending Consideration Stablecroft Green Lane Oxhill Warwick CV35 0RB Conversion of detached garage to 1 bed short term rental property
22/01503/FUL 18/05/2022 Permission with conditions The Paddocks Green Lane Oxhill Warwickshire CV35 0RB Side and Rear Extension, Rendered Facade, Replacement of roof finish, Installation of Solar Panels.
22/01429/FUL 11/05/2022 Permission with conditions Tehidy Green Lane Oxhill Warwick CV35 0RB Householder Planning Application for alterations and improvements to the dwelling.
22/01277/FUL 06/05/2022 Permission with conditions Braddon Green Lane Oxhill Warwick CV35 0RB Extension and alterations to bungalow to form a four bedroom house
22/01334/TREE 04/05/2022 Tree Works Approved Auchneiven House Whatcote Road Oxhill Warwick CV35 0RH -G1, birch x3no. - Reduce as per submitted, annotated photograph, to just above the height of the two lower trees, removing approximately 3metres, shaping roughly to the red line in photograph.
22/01037/TEL56 04/04/2022 Telecommunications Approved Church Farm Whatcote Road Oxhill Warwick CV35 0RD Telecommunications equipment (Part 16 Class A of Schedule 2)
22/00979/LBC 30/03/2022 Listed Building Consent Approved Church House Oxhill Warwick CV35 0RD Removal of existing modern ceiling tiles/rafters to outbuilding and construction of two new oak trusses and single oak ridge beam.
22/00129/TREE 13/01/2022 Tree Works Approved White House Main Street Oxhill Warwick CV35 0QR -T1,T2,T3 Norway spruce (noted as fir on notification) x3no.: fell.
21/04055/TREE 22/12/2021 Tree Works Approved St Lawrences Church Main Street Oxhill CV35 0QR -T1 hornbeam - Fell.
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