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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
22/00129/TREE 13/01/2022 Pending Consideration White House Main Street Oxhill Warwick CV35 0QR -T1,T2,T3 Douglas fir x3no.: fell.
21/04055/TREE 22/12/2021 Pending Consideration St Lawrences Church Main Street Oxhill CV35 0QR -T1 hornbeam - Fell.
21/03992/FUL 16/12/2021 Pending Consideration Windmill Farm, Red Horse Vale Ltd Banbury Road Oxhill CV35 0RP Full planning application for a comprehensive security strategy including CCTV, fencing and a Managers Dwelling.
21/03688/FUL 19/11/2021 Permission with conditions White Hill House Kineton Road Oxhill CV35 0RH Creation of a two storey stair enclosure, first floor sash window and ground floor french windows to dwelling, including internal reorganisation and landscaping works.
21/03585/FUL 10/11/2021 Pending Consideration The Old Rectory Main Street Oxhill CV35 0QR Proposed insertion of 4No Conservation rooflights to rear elevation
21/03578/FUL 10/11/2021 Pending Consideration Fithers Field Whatcote Road Oxhill Warwick CV35 0RH Alterations to existing dwelling to include rear single storey extension, open front porch, render to all external walls, replacement doors and windows and alteration to roof.
21/03280/FUL 13/10/2021 Permission with conditions Byways Whatcote Road Oxhill CV35 0RA Extensions and a replacement porch.
21/02855/FUL 04/10/2021 Pending Consideration Church Farm Whatcote Road Oxhill Warwick CV35 0RD The change of use of an existing building with planning permission for the purposes of specialist sheep housing, laboratory and veterinary purposes (as permitted under planning permission 12/01682/FUL) to business uses associated with farming operations and equestrian related activities, comprising uses such as gate/fence fabricator; livestock trailer fabricator; livestock trailer repairs/adaptations; farrier; animal feedstuff distributor; sand school/manège contractor; and farm machinery repairs/servicing.
21/01986/FUL 13/08/2021 Permission with conditions Fithers Field Whatcote Road Oxhill Warwick CV35 0RH New vehicular access
21/02585/LBC 11/08/2021 Listed Building Consent Approved The Old Rectory Main Street Oxhill CV35 0QR Proposed insertion of 4no conservation roof windows in rear roof slope
21/02582/LDP 11/08/2021 Pending Consideration The Old Rectory Main Street Oxhill CV35 0QR Erection of a black metal post and chain fence to front garden
21/02295/AGNOT 15/07/2021 Application Withdrawn Oxhill Manor Beech Road Oxhill CV35 0QE Creation of single track
21/02123/TREE 29/06/2021 Tree Works Approved The Old Rectory Main Street Oxhill CV35 0QR -T1 (T500) walnut - Rear garden: Remove major deadwood and lift the crown to 3 metres all round. -T2 (T487) horse chestnut - Front garden, adjacent to the drive: Reduce crown over road back by 2metres. Reduce back from house to leave a 2metre clearance. -T3 (T489) holm oak - Front of house: Fell to ground level and grind out the stump. -T4 Lawson cypress - Rear garden left hand side: Trim back by 0.5metres and lift the crown to 3metres. -T4(a) Lawson cypress - Fell. (Tree added to specification, as it is dying).
21/02129/LBC 29/06/2021 Listed Building Consent Approved Bilton Cottage Church Lane Oxhill CV35 0QZ Renovation works to the walls, windows and thatch roof. Replacement of window and stove with flue.
21/01665/FUL 14/06/2021 Permission with conditions Church House Church Lane Oxhill CV35 0RD Proposed conversion of outbuilding to new kitchen and hallway, construction of single storey link and construction of detached oak framed garage
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