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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
21/03094/FUL 21/12/2021 Pending Consideration Toll House Farm Birmingham Road Mappleborough Green B80 7DH Demolition of existing dwelling and stable building and erection of 3 dwellings along with the creation of a new access.
21/03859/VARY 20/12/2021 Pending Consideration Haye Pasture Haye Lane Mappleborough Green Studley B80 7DS Removal of condition no.7 (Access works) of planning permission reference 18/03419/FUL dated 22 February 2019. Original description of development: Partial demolition and Change of use of existing redundant ancillary outbuildings to five 1 and 2 Bed Holiday Lets with ancillary Office and store (resubmission of 15/00492/FUL)
21/03801/FUL 15/12/2021 Pending Consideration Five Elms Pratts Lane Mappleborough Green B80 7BW Proposed alterations and extensions
21/03891/FUL 02/12/2021 Pending Consideration Brookfields Farm House Haye Lane Mappleborough Green Studley B80 7DS Change of Use - domestic garage to holiday let
21/03764/OUT 29/11/2021 Pending Consideration Land Adjacent To Eureka Haye Lane Mappleborough Green Outline application for erection of 1no. dwelling and associated development (all matters reserved)
21/03325/FUL 22/11/2021 Pending Consideration Amazon Unit A Redditch Eastern Gateway Coventry Highway Moons Moat Mappleborough Green Application for temporary planning permission for the erection of a canopy. Provision of a guard hut and speed bumps on a permanent basis
21/02317/FUL 11/10/2021 Planning Permission Refused Ash Mount Warwick Highway Mappleborough Green B80 7DG Erection of new dwelling and associated works.
21/03235/FUL 08/10/2021 Pending Consideration Chapel Farm Haye Lane Mappleborough Green Studley B80 7BU Construction of detached 4-bedroom dwellings including parking, turning areas and landscaping at Chapel Farm, Haye Lane, Mappleborough Green, Studley, B80 7BU. (Resubmission)
21/02694/FUL 15/09/2021 Permission with conditions White Oaks Pratts Lane Mappleborough Green Studley B80 7BN Erection of a wall including pillars and gate.
21/01374/LDE 03/09/2021 Application Withdrawn Field Cottage Common Lane Mappleborough Green Studley B80 7DP Property is split into 'the main' property, a 3 bedroom dwelling and 'the flat', a one bedroom annex with its own entrance. The flat has been paying seperate council tax for 25 years and is tennanted out.
21/02574/FUL 11/08/2021 Permission with conditions Gorcott Hill Park Gorcott Hill Beoley B98 9EN Change of use of agricultural building to an education facility, modification of access and associated works.
21/01519/FUL 06/08/2021 Application Withdrawn The Manor Haye Lane Mappleborough Green B80 7DS Replacement of existing stable building with ancillary accommodation unit.
21/02434/FUL 06/08/2021 Application Withdrawn Chapel Farm Haye Lane Mappleborough Green Studley B80 7BU Construction of detached 4-bedroom dwellings including parking, turning areas and landscaping at Chapel Farm, Haye Lane, Mappleborough Green, Studley, B80 7BU. (Resubmission of Application 20/02448/OUT in Detailed Format to Amend Red Line).
21/01579/FUL 13/07/2021 Permission with conditions Jalna Pratts Lane Mappleborough Green Studley B80 7BN Erection of an oak framed garage and store
21/01803/VARY 26/06/2021 Variation Permitted with Conditions Land At Redditch Eastern Gateway Development Gorcott Hill Beoley Vary condition 1 of planning permission 19/01545/REM (date of decision 15/10/2019), the end user as incorporated revised requirements to 2 areas of the site: 1 - Main Gatehouse - provision of a single inbound inspection lane and an express lane without the inspection requirement, inclusion of a kerbed island between the inbound lanes (previously this was a hatched walkway area) with security hut 2 - provision of additional air handling equipment to the north side of the wc pod, and truckers lounge (west side of the building)  relocation of the smoking shelter to the east. Condition 1 revision of drwg 6290 101 rev U changed to rev Y
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