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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
22/01367/COUNTY 06/05/2022 No Objection Kitebrook School Kitebrook Moreton-in-Marsh GL56 0RP Erection of new single storey kitchen and dining hall building
22/01492/TREE 05/05/2022 Tree Works Approved Reed College The Manor Little Compton Moreton-in-Marsh GL56 0RZ -T1 horse chestnut: no work required (updated specification agreed with the applicant). -T2 balsam poplar: fell. -T3 ash: fell. -T4 cypress: fell. -T5 weeping ash: fell. -T6 damson: fell. -G1, Cotoneaster: fell.
22/01067/FUL 05/05/2022 Pending Consideration Kitebrook School Kitebrook Moreton-in-Marsh GL56 0RP Erection of single-storey kitchen and dining hall
22/01008/COUQ 01/04/2022 Change of Use PA grant Class J, K and M Bungalow Farm Site Kitebrook Change of use of agricultural buildings to two larger dwellings
22/00722/LBC 03/03/2022 Application Withdrawn Heath Farm London Road Little Compton Moreton-in-Marsh GL56 0PG Replacement external doors/screen to south elevation.
22/00275/FUL 17/02/2022 Permission with conditions Crabtree Corner Brewery Row Little Compton GL56 0RS Single storey extension to rear of property
21/03990/FUL 01/02/2022 Planning Permission Refused Peewit Lodge Little Compton Road Kitebrook GL56 0PQ Demolition of existing 2 bay garage and replacement with 3 bay garage with accomodation over.
21/03855/FUL 17/12/2021 Permission with conditions Grey Goose Cottage London Road Chastleton GL56 0SP Removal of flat roof over garage and construction of pitched roof to provide studio / study space
21/03163/FUL 15/12/2021 Permission with conditions Browns Barn Oakham Road Little Compton GL56 0SJ Conversion of existing shop into holiday let accommodation for workshops and on-site training, on cut flower farm
21/03908/TREE 10/12/2021 Tree Works Approved 2 Pinchester Cottages Little Compton Moreton-in-Marsh GL56 0SE -T1 cherry: crown lift to 2.5metres above ground level and thin crown by 20%.
21/03837/TREE 03/12/2021 Tree Works Approved Langston Farm Little Compton Moreton-in-Marsh GL56 0SH -T1 black poplar: Reduce height by up to 3metres. Reduce lateral branch spread by up to 2metres. -T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7 and T8 willow: re-pollard back to first crown break at 2-3metres. -T9, T10 and T11 ash: reduce to habitat monolith, at 2-3metres in height.
21/03390/FUL 11/11/2021 Permission with conditions Four Gables Redlands Row Little Compton GL56 0SQ Joining of pitched roofs, consolidation of 2no. gable ends, demolition of existing flat roof porch & new timber framed porch to South elevation. Glass fenestration to West elevation gable end. Removal of 3no. existing internal stairs & formation of 1no. new central staircase with associated landing & roof above. New Detached double Garage. Associated development: Assorted new dormer windows, door & window apertures to South, West & North elevations. Numerous internal layout alterations. Replacement of all rainwater disposal goods & associated fascia etc.
21/02895/TREE 17/09/2021 Tree Works Approved Brewery Cottage Brewery Row Little Compton GL56 0RX -T1 beech - Crown raise to 3metres above ground. Crown thin by approximately 10%. Remove crossing branches and removal of minor and major deadwood. -T2 hornbeam - Crown raise to approximately 2.5metres above ground. Crown thin by approx 10%. Tip pruning on the upper crown, by reducing the upper and outer crown by approximately 1metre. -T3 norway maple (noted as sycamore) - 2metre canopy height reduction, tip-pruning of the lateral canopy by 1metre to shape/balance and deadwood removal (alternative specification agreed with the applicant).
21/02994/LDP 16/09/2021 Proposed Lawful Development - Permitted Bungalow Farm Site London Road Kitebrook GL56 0PG Stationing of replacement mobile home
21/02813/FUL 02/09/2021 Permission with conditions Brewery Cottage Brewery Row Little Compton GL56 0RX Demolition of single storey pitched roof and lean-to, creation of a new single storey rear extension, replacement opening on the rear outbuilding, adition of timber cladding to rear extension and other alterations
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