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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
23/00878/TREE 27/03/2023 Pending Consideration Whitegates Moreton Morrell Lane Lighthorne Warwickshire CV35 0AR T1 - indian bean - height estimated 12-14 metres, reduce canopy width of 12.1 metres by 2.5-3 metres T2 - persian ironwood - height estimated 6-7 metres reduce to 5-6 metres and width from 5.5-6.5 metres to 4.5-5.5 metres
23/00740/FUL 10/03/2023 Pending Consideration Land Opposite Southview The Bank Lighthorne Warwickshire CV35 0AT Development of a one bedroom two storey coach house and link attached triple car port with home office above. And associated hard and soft landscaping.
23/00738/FUL 09/03/2023 Pending Consideration Southview The Bank Lighthorne Warwickshire CV35 0AT Demolition of the existing attached garage. Erection of new side and rear single storey extensions, front porch alterations and first floor side extension. Installation of 2No. air source heat pumps, replacement windows, new wall cladding, front facing roof dormers and roof lights and other associated landscaping
23/00467/VARY 16/02/2023 Pending Consideration 1 Pipers Bath Moreton Morrell Warwickshire CV35 9DQ Application Reference Number: 22/03029/FUL Date of Decision: 12/01/2023 Condition Number(s): 5. Variation of condition 5 to allow construction of garage prior to submission of bat survey.
23/00324/AGNOT 05/02/2023 Prior approval is not required Banisters Meadow Farm Lighthorne Warwick CV35 0BG Portal frame grainstore.
23/00339/COUQ 03/02/2023 Pending Consideration Glebe Farm Fosse Way Ashorne Warwick CV35 9AE Prior Approval for the change of use of an agricultural building into two larger dwellings (C3) and associated operational development under Class Q parts (a) and (b) of the GPDO.
23/00079/TREE 11/01/2023 Tree Works Approved 7 Church Hill Court Church Lane Lighthorne Warwickshire CV35 0AR T1 - cordyline australis - Remove
22/03567/FUL 05/12/2022 Permission with conditions Heath Farm House Old School Lane Lighthorne Warwickshire CV35 0AU Erection of single storey extension to side of the main house comprising leisure facilities and new boundary wall and alterations to existing garage building.
22/03029/FUL 01/11/2022 Permission with conditions 1 Pipers Bath Moreton Morrell Warwickshire CV35 9DQ Replacement self build dwelling and detached garage
22/03093/TREE 18/10/2022 Tree Works Approved Church Hill Farm Lighthorne Warwick CV35 0AR -T3 maple - Reduce by approximately 2-3metres. -T4 maple - Reduce by approximately 2-3metres. -T5 cherry - Reduce by approximately 2-3metres. -T6 ash - Reduce by approximately 2-3metres.
22/03092/TREE 18/10/2022 Tree Works Approved Church Hill House Lighthorne Warwick CV35 0AR -T1 holm oak - Reduce by approximately 2-3metres, to previous pruning points. -T2 silver birch - Reduce by approximately 2-3metres, to previous pruning points.
22/03009/TREE 10/10/2022 Tree Works Approved Stonecroft Post Office Lane Lighthorne Warwickshire CV35 0AP -T1 walnut - reduce crown by 1.5-2metres to east/south east, to clear raised patio area. Shorten back western crown, where overhanging boundary by 1-1.5metres. Prune off lowest limb to east, back to source. -T2 mulberry - Remove right-hand limb extending over adjacent outbuilding and remove lowest, failed limb. -T3 foxglove tree - Pollard at crown break point. Remove ivy from pollard head.
22/03057/TREE 06/10/2022 Tree Works Approved Bishops Farm Old School Lane Lighthorne Warwick CV35 0AU -T1 ash - Reduce branch overhanging property to the west, pruning back to target growth point. Reduce back lower crown growth by approximately 1metre, where overhanging boundary, pruning back to suitable growth points. -T2 yew - Fell, or pollard at approximately 1metre above the crown break point. Retain lower foliage to aid resprouting. Sever ivy. (Once adequate resprouting is achieved, the yew crown can be maintained clipped).
22/02736/FUL 13/09/2022 Permission with conditions Jobes Barn Glebe Farm Fosse Way Ashorne Warwick CV35 9AE New retail premises, replacing and expanding equestrian sales approved under planning permission 22/00607/FUL
22/02849/TREE 12/09/2022 Tree Works Approved The Old Post Office Post Office Lane Lighthorne Warwick CV35 0AP -T1 cherry - Reduce spread of canopy on northern and northwestern sides, by removing up to 3metres from tips, to reduce bias. -T2 cherry - Reduce height by 3metres and spread by 3.5metres, giving sufficient clearance from house and phone lines. -T3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 beech - Raise crowns of T3, T4 & T5 to approximately 4metres from ground level. Reduce eastern side of T7 by 3.5metres and western side of T3 & T4 by 3metres. Thin inner canopy by approximately 20%. -T8 ash- Fell. -T9 hazel - Reduce height to 2metres below telephone lines. -T10 cherry - Fell.
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