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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
23/00669/TPO 06/03/2023 Pending Consideration Dove Cote Church Road Ladbroke Warwickshire CV47 2BY -2042 field maple - Remove basal growth. -2054 small leaved lime - Remove basal growth. -2055 lime - Remove basal growth. -2060, 2079 and 2080 ash - Fell to ground level, due to advanced stem decay. -2118, 2119, 2120 and 2121 small leaved lime - Remove basal growth. -G2, ash - Remove those with pronounced 'Ash Dieback' (number to be confirmed during growing season).
23/00301/FUL 03/02/2023 Pending Consideration Tew Cottage Windmill Lane Ladbroke Warwickshire CV47 2BN Rear garden room and internal works
22/03166/AGNOT 28/11/2022 Agricultural Notification Approved Starbold Farm Banbury Road Southam CV47 2BL Agricultural storage building
22/03354/FUL 14/11/2022 Pending Consideration Cornerstones School Lane Ladbroke Warwickshire CV47 2BU Extensions and remodelling of existing dwelling, including re-siting (retrospective) of vehicular and pedestrian access.
22/03326/ELEC 04/11/2022 Comments sent In The Parish Of Ladbroke The existing overhead wood pole 33kv electricity line needs to be raised in height to accommodate the road realignment of the A423 Southam Road which is part of the High Speed Rail Two construction works.
22/03129/COUNTY 20/10/2022 Closed Folly Fields Farm Ladbroke Road Bishops Itchington Southam CV47 2RP Retrospective permission for importing and depositing topsoil to raise the soil levels above 'concrete rock', to assist with land husbandry
22/02851/FUL 11/10/2022 Permission with conditions The Orchard Bungalow Bridge Lane Ladbroke Southam CV47 2DE Timber single detached garage.
22/01377/LBC 06/07/2022 Application Withdrawn The Old Rectory Ladbroke Southam CV47 2DF Reinstatement of property following localised damage deemed to be due to subsidence
22/01427/FUL 28/06/2022 Permission with conditions Brock Farm Stud Deppers Bridge Southam CV47 2SU Construction of equestrian worker's dwelling
22/01666/AMD 09/06/2022 Approval of Non Material Amendment The Paddocks School Lane Ladbroke Southam CV47 2BU Amendment to planning permission 21/00968/FUL (date of decision 08/10/2021). Changing windows and doors to Grey PVCu framed. Changing the fascia, soffits and verges to White PVCu
22/01626/FUL 30/05/2022 Permission with conditions Rectory Farm Cottage Ladbroke Southam CV47 2DF Two storey and single storey side extension with new vehicular access and parking area.
22/01049/TREE 31/03/2022 Tree Works Approved The Paddocks School Lane Ladbroke Southam CV47 2BU -T1 beech: Reduce sub-dominant stem adjacent to the southern boundary with the adjacent property, The Croft, pruning back to stem break point. Prune off, back to source, 2no. lowest laterals from the central, dominant stem, where extending over adjacent driveway of The Croft. Lift crown where over greenhouse of The Croft, by pruning off two lowest sub lateral branches and shortening back this lateral branch by approximately 2metres, back to a target pruning point.
22/01050/TREE 30/03/2022 Tree Works Approved The Croft Ladbroke Southam CV47 2BY -T1 field maple (noted as sycamore on notification form) - Remove.
21/03856/LBC 13/03/2022 Listed Building Consent Approved Ladbroke Hall Ladbroke Southam CV47 2DF Internal and External installation of fibre optic cabling to Flats 1 through to 13 to receive Ultrafast Fibre-to-the-Premises.
21/04056/TREE 16/12/2021 Tree Works Approved Land At Bridge Lane Ladbroke -T1 cherry - Fell. -T2 Acer - Reduce height by 1.5metres. -T3 cherry - Reduce height by 1.5metres. -T4 Acer - Reduce height by 1.5metres. -T5 sycamore - Remove deadwood.
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