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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
21/03149/FUL 22/10/2021 Pending Consideration 54 Throckmorton Road Alcester B49 6QB Demolish existing flat roof garage and utility. Replace with a wraparound single and two storey extension.
21/03043/FUL 22/09/2021 Permission with conditions 7 Seymour Road Alcester B49 6JY Single storey side extension to provide utility
21/02835/FUL 03/09/2021 Permission with conditions 42 Captains Hill Alcester B49 6QW Extensions & dormer loft conversion with external material alterations to an existing bungalow
21/02899/FUL 03/09/2021 Permission with conditions 2 Haselor Close Alcester B49 6QD Single storey extension to replace existing
21/02169/FUL 20/08/2021 Permission with conditions Smith Bros And Webb Ltd 22 Tything Road East Kinwarton Subdivision of unit one to 2no. units, external alterations and erection of retaining wall and security fence
21/02406/FUL 27/07/2021 Application Withdrawn Oak Tree View Captains Hill Kinwarton B49 6HB Proposed single story orangery to the rear of the property. This is a resubmission of previously withdrawn application 20/03084/FUL
21/02333/FUL 20/07/2021 Permission with conditions 5 Gerard Road Alcester B49 6QG Conversion of existing garage into bedroom and en suite. and utility area
21/02076/LDP 15/07/2021 Proposed Lawful Development - Permitted 11 Seymour Road Alcester B49 6JY Wooden summerhouse for back garden
21/01728/FUL 24/05/2021 Permission with conditions 30 Boehm Drive Alcester B49 6FG Conversion of loft and rear dormer
21/00964/FUL 21/05/2021 Permission with conditions 34 Gerard Road Alcester B49 6QQ Extension of the existing garage, enlargement of the kitchen at the back of the building and extension of two bedrooms above the garage.
21/00998/FUL 10/05/2021 Permission with conditions 32 Captains Hill Alcester B49 6QW Single storey rear extension
21/01356/LDE 07/05/2021 Existing Lawful Development - Permitted Oak Tree View Captains Hill Kinwarton B49 6HB Use of land within application red line area as residential garden (use for purposes incidental to the residential occupation of the Class C3 dwelling, Oak Tree View, Captains Hill, Kinwarton)
21/01144/FUL 08/04/2021 Permission with conditions 6 Gerard Road Alcester B49 6QG Single storey rear orangery extension
21/00996/FUL 25/03/2021 Permission with conditions 9 Wain Close Alcester B49 6LA Single storey rear extension
21/00450/FUL 18/03/2021 Permission with conditions 3 Rufford Close Alcester B49 6EE Proposed rear extension, (retrospective)
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