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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
21/03775/OUT 21/12/2021 Pending Consideration Land To The North Of Idlicote Road Halford Outline application for the construction of up to 15 self-build/ custom-build dwellings, creation of new vehicular access from Idlicote Road and laying out of public open space (approval sought for access at outline stage)
21/03843/LBC 03/12/2021 Pending Consideration Halford Cottage Queen Street Halford Shipston-on-Stour CV36 5BT Housing of free-standing filter system within a curtilage listed outbuilding
21/03361/LBC 16/11/2021 Pending Consideration Holego House Fosse Way Halford Shipston-on-Stour CV36 5BW Replacement of x9 metal windows and to replace unused front door
21/03360/FUL 16/11/2021 Pending Consideration Holego House Fosse Way Halford Shipston-on-Stour CV36 5BW Replacement of 9x rotten metal windows and replace front door to the front of the house
21/03297/FUL 26/10/2021 Application Withdrawn Enfield House Idlicote Road Halford Shipston-on-Stour CV36 5DA Two storey extension at the rear of the existing house. All features to match existing.
21/03437/TREE 19/10/2021 Tree Works Approved Cobblestones Mill Lane Halford Shipston-on-Stour CV36 5BY -T1 Fir: fell. -T2 Fir: fell.
21/03105/FUL 29/09/2021 Permission with conditions Halford Cottage Queen Street Halford CV36 5BT Proposed swimming pool
21/02842/VARY 06/09/2021 Variation Permitted with Conditions The Stables Queen Street Halford CV36 5BT Variation of conditions two (plans) and 11 (garages/parking spaces) of permission 16/02803/VARY (granted 05.11.2014) to allow conversion of the garage to a habitable room, including removal of garage doors and provision of new windows. Original description of development: erection of three dwellings
21/01887/FUL 29/06/2021 Permission with conditions Park Hill House Idlicote Road Halford CV36 5DQ External detached garage
21/01985/FUL 16/06/2021 Application Withdrawn The Homestead Fosse Way Halford CV36 5BN Erection of an open market dwelling and associated works.
21/01341/LBC 22/04/2021 Listed Building Consent Approved Grasmere Queen Street Halford CV36 5BT Replace modern glazed screen with siding folding doors, repair and repointing to stonework at ground level, repointing to gable end, new external cast iron extract vent cowl, repointing to top of brick chimney, open up fireplace in bedroom and new cowl to open flue. New access gates.
21/01069/TREE 31/03/2021 Tree Works Approved Halford Manor Fosse Way Halford CV36 5BS -T1 Lawson cypress - Remove to ground level.
21/00289/TREE 01/02/2021 Tree Works Approved Halford House Queen Street Halford CV36 5BT T1 - irish yew - Reduce height by 2m. Trim minor lateral growth to shape.
20/03335/FUL 17/12/2020 Permission with conditions 1 Old Pound Cottages Halford CV36 5DB Single storey front extension, two storey rear extension
20/02855/FUL 08/12/2020 Permission with conditions The Village Hall Mill Lane Halford CV36 5BY Single-storey extension to provide toilets, storage and entrance area
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