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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
21/02579/LDP 15/11/2021 Pending Consideration Lilac Cottage Exhall Alcester B49 6EA Rebuild a timber framed double garage as a garden store/garage and replace a single garage as a workshop
21/02884/TREE 08/09/2021 Tree Works Approved The Cot Wixford Road Exhall B49 6EA -R1 rowan - Fell.
21/02733/FUL 24/08/2021 Application Withdrawn Little Britain Farm Ardens Grafton Road Little Britain B49 6DU Extension of the existing garage to form workshop and garden store ancillary to the existing dwelling.
21/02629/TREE 09/08/2021 Tree Works Approved The Old Forge Ardens Grafton Alcester B49 6DS -T1 holly x2no. - Fell. -T2 damson x2no. - Fell.
21/00991/LBC 19/07/2021 Listed Building Consent Approved Hillside Ardens Grafton Road Little Britain B49 6DU Repairs to timber frame on the south-facing elevation, on the south-west corner of the building. Removal of white paint to west facing brick chimney stack, to allow inspection and repair of bricks and pointing underneath.
21/02250/TREE 09/07/2021 Tree Works Approved Ivy Cottage Wixford Road Exhall B49 6EA -G1 silver birch x4no. - Remove.
21/02263/TREE 08/07/2021 Application Withdrawn 4 Exhall Court Farm Exhall Alcester B49 6EA -T1 cedar - Fell.
21/00748/FUL 06/04/2021 Pending Consideration Rosies Orchard Wixford Road Bidford-on-Avon B50 4LG Change of use of land from agriculture to caravan site.
21/00735/AAPA 01/03/2021 Class AA Prior Approval Granted The Orchard Sweet Acre Exhall Alcester B49 6EA Enlargement of a detached dwellinghouse by construction of an additional storey.
21/00692/HHPA 01/03/2021 Householder Prior Approval Not Required The Orchard Sweet Acre Exhall Alcester B49 6EA Single storey rear extension to which will extend beyond the original rear wall by no more than 6.20m, no more than 2.70m in height, and no more than 2.70m in height to the eaves
21/00266/TREE 21/01/2021 Tree Works Approved St Giles Church Exhall Alcester B49 6EA -T1 Monterey cypress (misrepresented as Lawson cypress) - Fell. -T2 and T3 Lawson cypress - Fell.
21/00267/TREE 21/01/2021 Tree Works Approved Sunnyside Exhall Alcester B49 6EA T1 - red cedar - Fell
20/03699/TREE 11/01/2021 Tree Works Approved 4 Exhall Court Farm Exhall Alcester B49 6EA -T1 ash - reduce canopy height by 2metres and canopy spread by 3metres (alternative specification agreed with the applicant).
20/03726/TREE 18/12/2020 Tree Works Approved 3 Exhall Court Farm Exhall Alcester B49 6EA -T1 norway maple (misrepresented as sycamore on application): Fell. -T2 cherry plum (misrepresented as crab apple on application): Remove branch to clear garage roof.
20/03589/TREE 14/12/2020 Tree Works Approved Belmont Wixford Road Exhall B49 6EA T1 - Dead holly - Fell ALL AS PER ANNOTATED PHOTOS T2 - fir - Reduce by 25% to prevent failure. T3 - Scots pine - Reduce by 15% to prevent failure. T4 - apple - Prune hard 40% reshape. T5 - plum - Prune hard 40% reshape. T6 - crab apple - Shape removing 10%. T7 - cherry - Reduce by 1/3 to prevent failure. G1 - silver birch x10 - Reduce all by 1/3 to make silver birch walkway.
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