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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
21/03999/AGNOT 17/12/2021 Pending Consideration Shipston Fields Aylesmore Steel Portal Framed Agricultural Building.
21/03661/FUL 26/11/2021 Pending Consideration Yew Tree House Holloway Hill Lower Brailes Banbury OX15 5JA Conversion of external detached garage workshop to home office for personal use, and installation of steel to remove internal wall in dining area of main house
21/03720/FUL 23/11/2021 Pending Consideration 1 Blakes Close Lower Brailes OX15 5BN Installation of external wall insulation to all external elevations of the property with a brick effect render finish and replacement artificial stone copings
21/03719/FUL 23/11/2021 Pending Consideration 4 Jeffs Close Lower Brailes OX15 5AL Installation of external wall insulation to all external elevations of the property with a brick effect render finish
21/03634/FUL 16/11/2021 Permission with conditions Winderton Hill Winderton Lane Winderton OX15 5JF Construction of extensions to side, front and rear, new roof structure, and erection of detached car port
21/03316/FUL 08/11/2021 Permission with conditions Glebe Farm Lower Brailes Banbury OX15 5HR Demolition of existing concrete framed garage, to be replaced with a new single storey timber framed structure with 2 number car port spaces and enclosed storage to the South-West end.
21/02821/FUL 20/10/2021 Permission with conditions Malt House High Lane Upper Brailes OX15 5BA Use of the existing stables as ancillary residential accommodation and erection of an extension
21/03241/FUL 08/10/2021 Permission with conditions Midcot Upper Brailes Banbury OX15 5AX New timber frame structure added to the side of the double garage.
21/02613/FUL 30/09/2021 Pending Decision Land Adjacent The Clock House And Stonecroft Barn Upper Brailes Erection of dwelling, creation of new vehicular access, improvement of surfacing of existing public right of way and all associated works (previous approval 17/02070/FUL).
21/03078/FUL 27/09/2021 Permission with conditions Gallows Hill Farm Brailes Banbury OX15 5AF 1. The erection of a new lean-to on the side of an existing agricultural building (a grain store) for the purpose of storing agricultural machinery. The lean-to is to measure 20ft x 60ft 2. The demolition of an existing cattle shed and reconstruction of a modern and slightly larger cattle shed to replace the original building. The existing building measures 41ft x 60ft and the proposed buidling will measure 45ft x 80ft
21/02767/LDP 15/09/2021 Proposed Lawful Development - Permitted 10 Warmington Road Lower Brailes OX15 5FN loft conversion including rooflights
21/03027/TREE 13/09/2021 Tree Works Approved George Hotel High Street Lower Brailes Banbury OX15 5HN -T1 willow - re-pollard back to main trunk (approx 4metres). -T2 damson - Fell.
21/02777/TREE 31/08/2021 Tree Works Approved The Old Rectory Friars Lane Lower Brailes OX15 5HU -T3 ash - Fell. -T4 hawthorn - Fell. (Exempt - almost completely dead). -T5 cherry - Reduce crown by 1metre. -T6 crab apple - reduce crown by up to 1metre. -T9 lime - Fell. -T7 walnut - Crown lift to 2metres above ground level. -G1, holly - Reduce tops by 2.5metres and reshape. Exempt works: -T1 walnut - Deadwood only. -T2 yew - remove broken hanging branch. -T8 walnut - Deadwood only.
21/02756/FUL 26/08/2021 Permission with conditions Ravelston Main Road Upper Brailes OX15 5BA Demolition of existing conservatory and garage, proposed ground floor rear extension, first floor side extension, floor plan redesign and all associated works.
21/02452/FUL 13/08/2021 Permission with conditions Land South Of Gilletts Lane Upper Brailes Erection of dwelling
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