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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
22/01657/FUL 01/06/2022 Pending Consideration Midcot Upper Brailes Banbury OX15 5AX Replacement of windows and doors of the main dwelling.
22/01424/FUL 11/05/2022 Pending Consideration Stockwell Main Road Upper Brailes Brailes Warwickshire OX15 5AX Single-storey extensions and raising of roof to establish first floor accommodation
22/01353/LDP 11/04/2022 Application Withdrawn Midcot Upper Brailes Banbury OX15 5AX Replace existing windows and front door
22/00588/FUL 24/03/2022 Planning Permission Refused Land Adjacent To The Old Forge Upper Brailes Banbury OX15 5AT Erection of a single dwelling
22/00918/AGNOT 24/03/2022 Agricultural Notification Approved Shipston Fields Aylesmore Steel Portal Framed Agricultural Building.
22/01096/TEL28 18/03/2022 Comments sent STREET RECORD Sutton Lane Lower Brailes Proposed installation of 1No cabinet (1000x540x1700mm) and 1No power supply cabinet (600x400x995mm) located on the grass verge on Sutton Lane, Lower Brailes, Banbury, OX15 5AW (430946, 239058)
22/00658/TREE 28/02/2022 Tree Works Approved Littlecote Rectory Lane Lower Brailes Banbury OX15 5HY -T1 crab apple (noted as cherry of notification form) - Fell.
22/00463/FUL 22/02/2022 Permission with conditions Malt House High Lane Upper Brailes Banbury OX15 5BA The use of the exisiting stables as ancillary residential accommodation and erection of a single extension and alteration to the roof including an increase in height and alteration of the roof pitch.
22/00528/FUL 21/02/2022 Permission with conditions Lower Brailes Lodge High Street Lower Brailes Banbury OX15 5HX Replacement of existing barn with new garage / tractor store
22/00534/FUL 21/02/2022 Permission with conditions 3 Church Terrace Friars Lane Lower Brailes Banbury OX15 5HU Garage conversion to create a study.
22/00478/LBC 18/02/2022 Application Withdrawn Gate Inn Upper Brailes Banbury OX15 5AX Change of use of public house to living accommodation associated with existing dwelling and associated internal alterations.
22/00477/FUL 18/02/2022 Pending Consideration Gate Inn Upper Brailes Banbury OX15 5AX Change of use of public house to living accommodation associated with existing dwelling and associated internal alterations.
21/03218/LBC 25/01/2022 Listed Building Consent Approved Bridge Carrying B4035 Over Sutton Brook High Street Lower Brailes Reinstatement of damaged stone parapet
22/00223/FUL 25/01/2022 Permission with conditions Lower Atchill Farm Traitors Ford Lane Sutton-under-Brailes Banbury OX15 5FE Installation of surface water drainage pipe.
21/03874/FUL 20/01/2022 Permission with conditions Winderton Hill Winderton Lane Winderton OX15 5JF Replacement outbuilding to form ancillary accommodation
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