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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
24/00381/TPO 16/02/2024 Pending Consideration 11 Manor Road Bishops Itchington Warwickshire CV47 2QJ -T1 and T2 yews - Crown raise to 4 metres. Prune back from house to give 1.5 metres clearance to drip line.
24/00143/FUL 08/02/2024 Pending Consideration Holmes House Hambridge Road Bishops Itchington Warwickshire CV47 2SB Incorporation of 180 square metres of paddock into land associated with the residential use of Holmes House, and erection of a domestic swimming pool, surrounding patio and enclosing wall.
24/00156/LDP 04/02/2024 Pending Consideration 24 Bishops Gate Bishops Itchington Southam CV47 2UT The new building will consist of a ground floor and first floor extension in the rear garden of No 24, extending out into the garden by 3m. The ground floor extension will be 7.7m across the entire length of the rear elevation of the property but the first floor extension will only take up half of the rear of the elevation making sure sight lines on No 25 are not impacted. The ground floor extension will consist of a new dinning room, downstairs toilet/shower room, a new amenity storage cupboard as well as a new corridor to a new rear door. There will be one new 3.2 long sliding door arrangement from the dinning room looking out onto the back garden, a and a new small window for the downstairs toilet/shower room, again looking out onto the back garden. The downstairs toilet /shower will require a new foul drainage connection and water supply, both of which can be made within the vicinity of the plot boundary. The first floor extension will allow bedroom no 2 to be extended. A new window consisting of three panes will be installed
23/03390/AMD 16/01/2024 Approval of Non Material Amendment Bishops Cross Car Sales Gaydon Road Bishops Itchington Southam CV47 2QW Non material amendment sought to planning permission 22/01671/FUL (date of decision 18.07.2023) to amend Condition 17 to read as: The use hereby permitted shall not be open to customers outside the hours of Monday-Sunday 07:00-23:00 (including Bank Holidays)
24/00062/ADV 10/01/2024 Pending Consideration Bishops Cross Car Sales Gaydon Road Bishops Itchington Warwickshire CV47 2QW 2 No. Folded Aluminium Facias, 1 No. set of built-up acrylic letters on rails, 1 No. projecting sign, 4 No. vinyl graphics and 1 No. post mounted totem sign.
23/03403/FUL 18/12/2023 Permission with conditions Harzburg High Street Bishops Itchington Warwickshire CV47 2QA The erection of a bespoke timber framed garden room extension to replace the existing white UPVC conservatory.
23/03062/FUL 29/11/2023 Permission with conditions 31 Hambridge Road Bishops Itchington Warwickshire CV47 2RH Erection of single storey rear extension . Erection of single storey outbuilding
23/02966/FUL 21/11/2023 Permission with conditions 29 Rupert Kettle Drive Bishops Itchington Warwickshire CV47 2PU Ground floor and first floor extension.
23/03133/AGNOT 21/11/2023 Agricultural Notification Approved Lower Farm Bishops Itchington Southam CV47 2SL An extension to an agricultural building for hay/straw and agricultural machinery storage
23/02590/FUL 06/10/2023 Permission with conditions 28 Scowcroft Drive Bishops Itchington Southam CV47 2YP Demolition of conservatory, erection of single storey rear extension and conversion of garage
23/02575/FUL 28/09/2023 Application Withdrawn Land Off St Michael's Close And Manor Road Bishops Itchington Southam CV47 2QP Demolition of no's 9-12 St Michael's Close and garages and erection of 11 no. affordable housing units and associated development.
23/02567/FUL 28/09/2023 Application Withdrawn No's 26, 28, 30 & 32 Bishops Itchington Southam CV47 2TQ Demolition of nos, 26, 28, 30 and 32 Starbold Road and redundant garages and erection of 4 no. new dwellings and associated development
23/02564/FUL 28/09/2023 Pending Consideration No's 7, 9, 11 & 13 Gaydon Road Bishops Itchington Southam CV47 2QN Demolition of nos 7, 9, 11 and 13 Gaydon Road and redundant garages and erection of 5 no. new dwellings and associated development
23/02436/FUL 14/09/2023 Permission with conditions 30 Dadglow Road Bishops Itchington Southam CV47 2TG Replacement rear boundary fence
23/02415/FUL 11/09/2023 Permission with conditions 37 Gaydon Road Bishops Itchington Warwickshire CV47 2QW Single Storey Side Extension and Garage Conversion
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