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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
22/03468/TREE 18/11/2022 Pending Consideration Ragley Estate Alcester -G1, lime x5no. at Rectory Field (1950, 1949, 1948,2479 and 2480) - Fell.
22/03042/TREE 12/10/2022 Application Withdrawn 1 Arrow Grange Arrow Alcester B49 5PJ -T1 walnut: fell.
22/02962/TREE 05/10/2022 Tree Works Approved Arrow Village Hall Committee Village Hall Arrow -T1 cherry - fell. -T2 rowan (noted as ash) - fell.
22/02437/LDE 20/09/2022 Existing Lawful Development - Permitted The Grange Evesham Road Weethley Alcester B49 5NA Confirmation that there has been a material commencement of permission reference 19/01467/FUL dated 12 August 2019 for conversion of existing outbuilding to provide additional ancillary accommodation; first floor extension to the rear within the 3 year time period
22/02773/TREE 19/09/2022 Tree Works Approved 7 Arrow Grange Arrow Alcester B49 5PJ T1 - Leyland Cypress - fell. T2 - Leyland Cypress - remove 3 small lowest lateral branches. T3 - Leyland Cypress - remove 8 small lowest lateral branches.
22/02694/TREE 09/09/2022 Tree Works Approved Rockmill Main Street Arrow Warwickshire B49 5PJ -T1 beech- 10-15% crown thinning, deadwood removal, suspended/hanging branch removals and tip-back pruning of 1-2metres of southeast side lateral branches over the lawn. (24m height)(20m width). (alternative specification agreed with the applicant). -T2 beech- 10-15% crown thinning, deadwood removal, suspended/hanging branch removals and tip-back pruning of 1-2metres of southeast side lateral branches over the lawn. (24m height)(18m width). (alternative specification agreed with the applicant). -T3 western red cedar (noted as cypress) - fell ground level.
22/01615/FUL 27/05/2022 Permission with conditions 26 Hadrians Walk Alcester B49 5HD Conversion of front part of garage into toilet and shower room and new pitched roof over
22/01603/TEL28 26/05/2022 Comments sent Orchard Rise Arrow Alcester B49 5PH To install 2 x 9m wooden pole (9.2m above ground) the above location. I enclose a copy of the plan indicating the approximate position for the proposed apparatus
22/01550/TREE 10/05/2022 Tree Works Approved 2 Arrow Alcester B49 5PJ -T1 yew - Fell.
22/01549/TREE 10/05/2022 Tree Works Approved Ragley Hall Alcester B49 5NJ -T2126 horse chestnut - Fell. -T2127 sycamore clump - Fell.
22/01551/TREE 10/05/2022 Tree Works Approved Walnut Cottage Arrow Alcester B49 5PW -T2 ash - Fell.
22/01021/LDP 04/04/2022 Proposed Lawful Development Refused The Gorralls Alcester B49 5PU The provision of a hard surface measuring 16.200m x 6.500m and not exceeding 300mm from existing ground level in connection with the siting of a mobile home for use as additional accommodation by family members.
22/00988/TREE 31/03/2022 Tree Works Approved 8 Arrow Grange Arrow Alcester B49 5PJ -T8 multi stemmed willow - Coppice all branches close to ground level. -T7 dead ash - Fell (exempt works).
22/00970/TREE 30/03/2022 Tree Works Approved Willow Cottage Arrow Lane Arrow Alcester B49 5PN -G1, western red cedar (noted as Leyland cypress) x23no. - Reduce branches to property boundary of 8 Arrow Grange.
22/00681/FUL 25/03/2022 Application Withdrawn Arrow Mill Dunnington Road Ragley Park Alcester B49 5NL Proposed conversion and extension of outbuildings to create 14 no. guest letting rooms, laundry and plant room, together with associated car and cycle parking provision and external landscaping works and enclosing brick wall.
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