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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
22/03416/TPO 21/11/2022 Pending Consideration Laurel House Evesham Street Alcester Warwickshire B49 5DS -T46 & T47 yew - Crown lift both to approximately 4metres above ground level on south side over the garden of Laurel House, to allow more light through to the Old White Lion development and "Coniston".
22/03362/FUL 18/11/2022 Pending Consideration Greenbank Tibbets Close Meeting Lane Alcester Warwickshire B49 5QU Raising roof to provide new accommodation at first floor
22/03413/TEL56 18/11/2022 Pending Consideration Verge Toward Oversley Green Stratford Road Alcester Proposed 5G telecoms installation: H3G 15metre street pole and additional equipment cabinets.
22/03005/LDP 09/11/2022 Pending Consideration 7 Stratford Road Alcester Warwickshire B49 5AU To construct a timber Pergola.
22/03266/LDP 04/11/2022 Pending Consideration 19 Chantry Crescent Alcester Warwickshire B49 5BT Formation of habitable room in roofspace with rear dormer and front velux rooflights
22/03289/S106A 03/11/2022 Pending Consideration Land North Of Cold Comfort Lane Alcester Modification of Built Facilities, Public Open Space, Maintenance Scheme and SUDS of Section 106 Agreement dated 28 November 2013 relating to 11/02895/OUT
22/03199/LBC 28/10/2022 Pending Consideration 55 High Street Alcester B49 5AQ Proposed Works to repair & Replace the severely decaying external timbers to the Building.
22/02774/TREE 19/10/2022 Tree Works Approved Recreation Ground Gas House Lane Alcester T1 - horse chestnut - split branch pruned back to branch collar. Retrospective work.
22/03076/PIP 17/10/2022 Application Withdrawn 80 Alauna Avenue Alcester B49 6AN Construction of 2no. dwellings on land adjacent to 80 Alauna Avenue, Alcester, B49 6AN
22/03074/TREE 17/10/2022 Tree Works Approved Recreation Ground Gas House Lane Alcester -T1 horse chestnut - Undertake a 1-2metre lateral reduction to the lower north and west side canopy where overhanging Gas House Lane and driveway of The New House. Minor canopy height reduction of 1-1.5metres to shape/balance where necessary. Canopy thinning of 10% (alternative specification agreed with the applicant).
22/03073/TREE 17/10/2022 Tree Works Approved Alcester Cemetery Birmingham Road Alcester -T1, T2, T3 and T4 sycamore located to northwest corner boundary of Cemetery - Sever ivy and allow to dieback. Remove lower stem epicormic. Reduce canopy height by 2metres and canopy spread by 1metre to balance. -T7, T8, T9 and T10 common lime located to western boundary site frontage - Removal of basal and lower stem epicormic. Raise low west side canopy to provide a 3metre clearance over public footpath. Reduce canopy height by 3metres and canopy spread by 1metre to create uniform height and alleviate wind loading stress on old pollard unions. Thin canopies by 10-15%. -T16 sycamore located to southern boundary of Cemetery, 5.3metres from wall - Fell. -T21 Lawson cypress located 1metre from southern boundary wall - Fell. -T26 Monterey cypress located towards central/southern aspect of Cemetery - Fell.
22/02777/LDP 13/10/2022 Proposed Lawful Development - Permitted 1C Meeting Lane Alcester Warwickshire B49 5QT To replace all the existing wooden windows and doors with single layer glazing with UPVC double glazed units.
22/03015/S106 07/10/2022 S106 Approval of Details Land North Of Cold Comfort Lane Alcester Approval of Affordable Housing Schedule in accordance with Schedule 1, Part 2, Clause 2.1 of Section 106 Agreement dated 28 November 2013 and Deed of Variation dated 11 May 2017 relating to 11/02895/OUT.
22/02966/FUL 06/10/2022 Pending Consideration Alcester Town Football Club Stratford Road Oversley Green Alcester Warwickshire B49 6LN Single storey extension and canopy extension to provide covered seating area, bar area and storage area with other alterations
22/02897/FUL 03/10/2022 Pending Consideration Alcester Tennis Club Moorfield Road Alcester This is a proposal to replace the Tennis Clubhouse and replace an existing store to provide updated facilities for the benefit of club members and visitors.
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