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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
21/03638/FUL 16/11/2022 Pending Consideration Dassett Field House Dassett Road Avon Dassett CV47 2AA Formation of wood-chip turn-out paddocks for horses in existing grass turn-out paddocks
21/04054/FUL 17/01/2022 Pending Consideration Mount Pleasant Farm Walton Warwick CV35 9HT Erection of an Agricultural Building (Alternative to previously approved application ref: 20/03105/FUL).
22/00127/TREE 14/01/2022 Pending Consideration The Cider Mill Walcote Alcester B49 6LY -T1: Hazel Stool: reduce height from 8m to 5m, back to previous pruning cuts. Crown thin by approx. 20%. Deadwood
22/00004/FUL 14/01/2022 Pending Consideration Wynyard Forshaw Heath Road Forshaw Heath Earlswood B94 5JU Proposed extensions and detached double-garage and store
22/00123/TREE 14/01/2022 Pending Consideration The Old Manse Bulls Head Yard Alcester B49 5BX -T1: Laburnum: fell -T2: Holly: fell -T3: Lawson Cypress: fell -T4: Holly: fell -T5,T6,T7: Ash x3 - fell
22/00129/TREE 13/01/2022 Pending Consideration White House Main Street Oxhill Warwick CV35 0QR -T1,T2,T3 Douglas fir x3no.: fell.
22/00107/TREE 13/01/2022 Pending Consideration Spring Barn Cottage Main Road Binton CV37 9TN -T1 apple - Fell.
22/00117/TREE 13/01/2022 Pending Consideration 33 Sheep Street Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6EE -T1 cherry: fell. -T2, T3, T4, T5: confiers x4no.: fell.
22/00112/HHPA 13/01/2022 Pending Consideration 28 Brookvale Road Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 9QD Single storey rear extension to form enlarged kitchen/dining room, to replace existing conservatory, untility and wc.
22/00111/TREE 13/01/2022 Pending Consideration Braggins House Mollington Lane Warmington OX17 1BS -T1 to T5 Cupressus leylandii - Fell. -T6 Thuja plicata - Fell.
21/04080/FUL 13/01/2022 Pending Consideration Thorn Croft Thorn Way Long Itchington CV47 9PF Demolition of the existing corrugated steel sheet structure and the erection of a profile sheet clad portal frame machine shed
22/00108/TREE 13/01/2022 Pending Consideration 68 Tiddington Road Stratford-Upon-Avon CV37 7BA -G1. Leyland cypress x9no. - Remove.
21/03983/FUL 13/01/2022 Pending Consideration Castle Farm House Studley B80 7AH Proposed extension to existing agricultural building
21/04060/FUL 12/01/2022 Pending Consideration 58 Alauna Avenue Alcester B49 6AN Single storey rear extension
22/00088/TREE 12/01/2022 Pending Consideration Cob House Newbold Pacey Warwick CV35 9DP -G1, Unspecified trees(conofers) - Reduce height by 40% to reduce excessive overshading and to avoid risk to property in case of collapse during storms. Photographs included.
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