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Reference Date Valid Status Address Proposal
19/01144/TREE 24/04/2019 Pending Consideration Long Wold Bates Lane Tanworth-in-Arden Solihull B94 5AP T1 - oak - Crown thin epicormic growth, crown lift to 4-5metres over road and reduce lowest limb from garage by 1-2metres T2 - oak - Remove epicormic growth and crown lift to 4-5metres over road T3 - oak - Remove epicormic growth and crown lift to 4-5metres over road T4 - oak - Remove deadwood and crown reduce by 1-2metres to sound wood T5 - oak - Reduce canopy on house side only by 1-2metres
19/00759/FUL 24/04/2019 Pending Consideration Onsite Storage Units Jill Lane Sambourne Replacement of 2 No. storage buildings with 8 No. metal shipping containers to be used for storage purposes (Use Class B8).
19/01140/TREE 24/04/2019 Pending Consideration 33 The Square Clifford Chambers Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8HT T1 - holly - Remove one non-variegated spur
19/00902/FUL 24/04/2019 Pending Consideration 8 Earles Close Stockton CV47 8JQ Single storey rear kitchen extension
19/00949/FUL 24/04/2019 Pending Consideration White House Church Road Long Itchington CV47 9PW Demolition of an existing single storey flat roof extension and erection of a two-storey gable ended extension.
19/01118/TREE 23/04/2019 Pending Consideration Mill House Stratford Road Wootton Wawen Henley-in-Arden B95 6BY -T1: Conifer:Fell
19/01030/FUL 23/04/2019 Pending Consideration Land Off Rimell Close Rear Of Hedgend Rimell Close Newbold-on-Stour Full Application for the erection of a two bed dormer bungalow and a detached cycle store previously approved under Outline Application ref: 18/02762/OUT.
19/00806/FUL 23/04/2019 Pending Consideration Chapel Gate Lodge Chapel Lane Ullenhall B95 5RT Proposed general purpose agricultural building
19/00638/FUL 23/04/2019 Pending Consideration Ilexmead Cottage Main Road Upper Brailes OX15 5AX Change of use of first floor studio within detached garage to permit holiday letting; new roof light
19/01004/TREE 19/04/2019 Pending Consideration The Old Post Office High Street Lower Brailes OX15 5HX T1 - silver birch - Fell T2 - conifer - Fell T3 - apple -Reduce height by approx 3metres and spread by approx 2metres to reshape
19/00901/FUL 18/04/2019 Pending Consideration Ashleigh House Hotel Whitley Hill Henley-in-Arden B95 5DL Construction of single storey garage. Planning permission was granted for this proposal under 16/02811/FUL on 14/11/2016 and this permission is extant. As such this proposal is effectively for the the renewal of 16/02811/FUL.
19/01003/LDP 18/04/2019 Pending Consideration 21 Yarranton Close Stratford-Upon-Avon CV37 0TE Proposed single storey rear extension
19/00950/FUL 18/04/2019 Pending Consideration 4 The Green Church Road Chesterton CV33 9LE Garage rebuild
19/01128/TPO 18/04/2019 Pending Consideration Priory Farm Priory Court Studley B80 7BB T844 - poplar - Reduce to 10metres and remove side branches. Structurally unsound. T845 - T847 - poplar - Remove large deadwood. T848 - poplar - Reduce to 5 metres trunk as a wildlife resource. High risk of uprooting. T849-T858 - poplar - Remove large deadwood.
19/01129/TREE 18/04/2019 Pending Consideration Church End House Whichford Shipston-on-Stour CV36 5PG T1-T4: Leylandi: Fell G1 - Thurja: Reduce front row by approximately 4metres to retain as cover T5 - Leylandi: Fell
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