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Refurbish master bedroom's ensuite bathroom on first floor with new fixture and fittings to modernise the room. This will involve removing the stud partitioning to the store room to increase size of bathroom and improve layout.Altering the current ensuite bathroom on 2nd floor and refurbishing it into a bedroom with new fixture and fittings. Involves removing 3 stud partition walls to improve circulation as well as erecting two new partitioned walls within the landing to increase size of room by c 1sqm. Removing door, archiframe and stud partitioning in small landing area directly outside the 2nd floor ensuite bathroom to improve circulation. This area will become an extension of the larger landing adjacent. Refurbish roof window on 2nd floor due to an on-going leak. 
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Listed Building Consent 
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Robert Parker-Gulliford 
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NOC1BNPM01600 Councillor J Feilding
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Mr Matt Willcock 
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