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Application Reference
The Dairy Ground Avon Dassett Southam CV47 2AY View Map
- T1 T2 : 2 No.Limes - Reduce back from neighbouring property min 3 metres and reduce lower laterals over roof back by 20%. 15% thin lower crown removing epicormic growth. - T3 : Oak - Reduce lowest limb back from neighbour's aerial by 2 metres - T4 : Lime - Remove dead wood over path - T5 : Sweet Chestnut - Remove deadwood & remove epicormic growth around utilities and base of stem - G1 : Leylandii group - Fell 
Application Type
Application for tree felling in CA 
Tree Works Approved 
Tree Consent with Conditions 
Date Decision Issued
Case Officer
Alison Frost 
Avon Dassett 
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Current Ward
Fenny Compton WardView Councillors
There are no councillors for this ward.
Due to current high level workloads the target date for determination is only a guideline for the planning officer to make a decision.
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Target Date for Determination
Application Valid
Revised Target Date for Determination
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Expiry Date for Standard Consultations
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Site Notice Expires
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Date Decision Issued
Overall Expiry Date
Permission Expiry Date
Committee Date
Applicant Name
Mr A Deeming 
Applicant Address
Applicant Company
Agent's Name
Acremans Arboriculture Ltd 
Agent's Address
Mr B Acreman Clifton View Wigginton Banbury OX15 4LH 
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Agent's Company
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