19/00338/TREE 07/02/2019 Pending ConsiderationThe Original Factory Shop Oxford Street Southam CV47 1NS
19/00346/FUL 07/02/2019 Pending ConsiderationGreen Acres Coventry Road Southam CV47 1BG
19/00128/FUL 18/01/2019 Pending Consideration2 Welsh Road West Southam CV47 0JN
19/00085/FUL 14/01/2019 Pending Consideration42 Beech Close Southam CV47 1HU
19/00063/TREE 10/01/2019 Pending ConsiderationThe Old Barn 32 Warwick Road Southam CV47 0HN
19/00030/TPO 04/01/2019 Pending ConsiderationThe Abbey Warwick Road Southam CV47 0HN
18/03752/FUL 20/12/2018 Application WithdrawnRussett House 5 Masters Orchard Warwick Road Southam CV47 0JD
19/12/2018 Appeal Invalid11 Roman Way Southam CV47 1FN
18/03687/FUL 17/12/2018 Pending ConsiderationMelton House 71 Banbury Road Southam CV47 1HJ
18/03642/FUL 11/12/2018 Pending ConsiderationStarbold Farm Banbury Road Southam CV47 2BL
18/03498/FUL 27/11/2018 Pending ConsiderationOutbuilding Rear Of 1 High Street Southam
18/03471/FUL 23/11/2018 Permission with conditions30 Abbey Lane Old Road Southam CV47 1HR
18/03494/FUL 23/11/2018 Pending ConsiderationLand Adjacent Cherwell Packaging Southfield Road Kineton Road Industrial Estate Southam
18/03337/FUL 13/11/2018 Pending Consideration39 St James Crescent Southam CV47 0LX
18/03314/FUL 08/11/2018 Permission with conditionsSoutham Rugby Football Club Station Road Southam CV47 2DH