19/02303/TPO 15/08/2019 Pending Consideration21 Old School Mead Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4AW
19/02268/TREE 13/08/2019 Pending Consideration2 Icknield Street Bidford-On-Avon B50 4BX
19/02027/FUL 22/07/2019 Pending Consideration2 Mill Close Broom B50 4HT
19/01964/FUL 16/07/2019 Pending Consideration7 Waterloo Park Bidford-On-Avon B50 4JG
19/01955/VARY 15/07/2019 Pending ConsiderationHealth Centre High Street Bidford-On-Avon B50 4BQ
19/01946/FUL 12/07/2019 Application Withdrawn24 Waterloo Road Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4JH
19/01896/FUL 08/07/2019 Pending Consideration14 Ebsdorf Close Bidford-On-Avon B50 4FQ
19/01897/FUL 08/07/2019 Pending ConsiderationLand East Of 22 Tower Close Tower Hill Bidford-on-Avon
19/01766/FUL 25/06/2019 Pending ConsiderationAvon Farm Welford Road Barton Bidford-On-Avon B50 4NP
19/01707/LBC 20/06/2019 Listed Building Consent ApprovedLloyds TSB Bank High Street Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4NJ
19/01783/TPO 19/06/2019 Pending Consideration2 Old School Mead Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4AW
19/01666/AMD 14/06/2019 Approval of Non Material AmendmentRiver House High Street Broom Alcester B50 4HN
19/01617/REM 11/06/2019 Approval of Reserved MattersLand At Waterloo Road Bidford-on-Avon
19/01558/TREE 05/06/2019 Tree Works ApprovedThe Grange 12 Mill Lane Broom Alcester B50 4HS
19/01478/TPO 28/05/2019 Tree Works ApprovedRose Cottage 102 - 104 High Street Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4AF