17/02098/FUL 13/07/2017 Pending Consideration6 Steppes Piece Bidford-On-Avon B50 4AT
17/02073/FUL 11/07/2017 Pending Consideration3 Hill View Road Bidford-On-Avon B50 4DT
17/02055/TREE 10/07/2017 Pending Consideration7 Welford Road Barton Bidford-on-Avon
17/02027/LBP 06/07/2017 Listed Build Proposed Works - PermittedVine Cottage 31 Welford Road Barton Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4NP
17/01818/FUL 19/06/2017 Pending Consideration39 Marleigh Road Bidford-On-Avon B50 4DF
17/01796/FUL 15/06/2017 Pending ConsiderationOakfields Grange Road Bidford-On-Avon B50 4BY
17/01764/TREE 13/06/2017 Pending ConsiderationThe Bridge High Street Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4BG
DISCN/00222/17 12/06/2017 Pending Consideration18 Salford Road Bidford-On-Avon B50 4EN
17/01687/AGNOT 06/06/2017 Agricultural Notification ApprovedBrookleys Honeybourne Road Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4PD
DISCN/00202/17 01/06/2017 Discharge of Conditions - Approved46 Westholme Road Bidford-On-Avon B50 4AL
17/01610/AMD 31/05/2017 Approval of Non Material AmendmentLand Adjacent To Bidford Road Broom
17/01539/REM 24/05/2017 Pending ConsiderationHealth Centre High Street Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4BQ
17/01531/FUL 23/05/2017 Pending ConsiderationAutomotive Brands Unit 30 Bidavon Industrial Estate Waterloo Road Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4JN
17/01492/FUL 22/05/2017 Pending ConsiderationThe Old Coach House Mill Lane Broom B50 4HR
17/01439/TREE 15/05/2017 Tree Works ApprovedThe Old Falcon Church Street Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4DA