DISCN/00050/18 08/02/2018 Pending Consideration7 Crompton Avenue Bidford-On-Avon B50 4DG
18/00323/TREE 26/01/2018 Pending Consideration2 Waters Edge High Street Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4FX
DISCN/00040/18 25/01/2018 Discharge of Conditions - ApprovedBlamore Falcon Crescent Bidford-On-Avon B50 4DB
18/00287/AMD 25/01/2018 Approval of Non Material AmendmentBlamore Falcon Crescent Bidford-On-Avon B50 4DB
18/00274/AMD 24/01/2018 Approval of Non Material AmendmentRiver House High Street Broom Alcester B50 4HN
DISCN/00033/18 23/01/2018 Pending ConsiderationRiver House High Street Broom B50 4HN
18/00249/S106A 23/01/2018 Pending ConsiderationLand At Waterloo Road Bidford-on-Avon
18/00134/FUL 15/01/2018 Pending ConsiderationThe Pad Kings Lane Broom B50 4HB
18/00139/FUL 15/01/2018 Pending ConsiderationBarton Farmhouse 6 Welford Road Barton Bidford-On-Avon B50 4NP
18/00030/FUL 04/01/2018 Permission with conditions83 Marleigh Road Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4EE
18/00085/FUL 02/01/2018 Permission with conditions15 Millers Bank Broom Alcester B50 4HZ
17/03759/TREE 19/12/2017 Tree Works Approved41 High Street Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4BQ
17/03751/AMD 15/12/2017 Approval of Non Material Amendment3 Victoria Road Bidford-On-Avon B50 4AS
17/03717/AMD 13/12/2017 Approval of Non Material Amendment18 Waterloo Crescent Bidford-On-Avon B50 4DP
DISCN/00412/17 07/12/2017 Discharge of Conditions - ApprovedRiver House High Street Broom B50 4HN