18/01548/FUL 30/05/2018 Pending Consideration31 Steppes Piece Bidford-On-Avon B50 4AT
18/01476/FUL 21/05/2018 Pending ConsiderationAvon Farm Welford Road Barton Bidford-On-Avon B50 4NP
18/01403/FUL 15/05/2018 Pending Consideration5 Orchard Close Bidford-On-Avon B50 4BT
18/01304/FUL 04/05/2018 Application WithdrawnKing George House 11 High Street Bidford-On-Avon B50 4BQ
18/01317/LDP 03/05/2018 Pending Consideration3 Lambourne Close Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4QH
18/01210/FUL 25/04/2018 Permission with conditionsBarton Farmhouse 6 Welford Road Barton Bidford-On-Avon B50 4NP
18/01146/FUL 16/04/2018 Permission with conditionsMilton House High Street Broom Alcester B50 4HL
18/01060/S106 05/04/2018 Pending ConsiderationLand At Waterloo Road Bidford-on-Avon
18/00947/FUL 29/03/2018 Permission with conditionsBlenheim Nursery 7 Stratford Road Bidford-On-Avon B50 4LU
DISCN/00143/18 28/03/2018 Pending ConsiderationLand At Waterloo Road Bidford-on-Avon
18/00863/HRN 21/03/2018 Hedgerow notification approved10 Stepping Stones Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4PH
18/00809/FUL 16/03/2018 Permission with conditions32 Marleigh Road Bidford-On-Avon B50 4DF
18/00845/VARY 15/03/2018 Pending ConsiderationGreenacres Waterloo Road Bidford-on-Avon Alcester B50 4JP
18/00728/FUL 12/03/2018 Permission with conditions32 Bramley Way Bidford-On-Avon B50 4QG
18/00730/FUL 12/03/2018 Permission with conditionsThe Coach House Quinneys Lane Bidford-On-Avon B50 4JL